Which Hell Will The Evil Be Born In?

Question: Do evil-doers of different religions go to the same hell after death, or do they go to different hells run by hell-beings of their respective faiths? What about free-thinkers?

Answer: The realm of hell is universally reached by those who had created immense negative karma, regardless of having different religions or no religion. This is so as hell is reached upon natural manifestation of their karma, which is a universal law of nature, that does not run on faith. This is so just as the natural law of, say, gravity is universally applicable to all, regardless of faith. Just as there is only one Singapore, there is only one realm of hell, with sub-divisions according to the specific nature of the individual’s karma, just as there are many parts within Singapore. To hell-beings, some parts might seem better off and some worse off, due to their karmic manifestations accordingly. (In the rounds of rebirth, there is no eternal hell due to limited negative karma created.)

In other world systems, there can be other realms of hell, but they all exist at the same ‘frequency’ due to the similar mind-state of hell-beings. Hell is not run by any particular religion, just as Singapore is not operated by any particular religion. Hell is created and sustained by all hell-beings’ collective and individual negative karma, which manifest it, just as Singapore is created and sustained by the people living in it. The demonic beings tormenting the hell-beings are not actual hell-beings, but as manifested from hell-beings’ own negative karma, just as the nature of the people we experience in or lives now manifest from our karma. The only difference is that the people around us are actual people who create their own karma too.

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