How Should I Curb Vengeance?

Question: I sense my vengeful streak when let go by a superior not keen to renew my work contract. What should I do?

Answer: You have to understand that contract work is exactly designed exactly to be flexible, with the option of renewal or not. Even if the reason not to renew is not valid enough, it is still the right of the employer not to renew, as there was no promise to renew in the first place.

Vengeance is not only not helpful; it is harmful. It disturbs your mind and has the potential to hurt others, creating suffering and negative karma. It is just not worth it. Even in the most drastic situations, such as being fired abruptly and unfairly, vengeance is still out of the question.

If you are still working there, instead of thinking of doing anything destructive, you should be constructive by reflecting deeper on what went wrong, and even ask your peers and superiors for reasons on why your contract is not renewed. This is so that you can improve. Even if you have left, you can enquire sincerely. Again, even if the reasons are not valid, there should be no vengeance (which is based on hatred, the most destructive spiritual poison).

We all have negative karma and it is sometimes expressed in these ways, which we have to take in our stride. Speak up politely for yourself if you must, but after having done your best, it would be time to walk away graciously with a lesson of humility learnt. The next job can be better – especially if you have learnt what went wrong well, so as to not repeat the mistakes, if any.

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