Should I Quit My Job Again?

Question: It seems that I left my all previous jobs all because of problems I cannot solve. What do you advise?

Answer: In a sense, everyone leaves their jobs only because of problems they cannot solve. However, there are many kinds of problems at work. For example, problems of [1] not being motivated or interested about the work, [2] not being skilled enough, [3] not being able to handle clients, [4] not getting along well with colleagues or the boss… Many of these problems can be solved by picking up skills and changing attitude to better handle them.

Most people leave jobs due to a various mix of the above problems while many stay despite them. Whatever the decision, what matters is to ensure we are not part of the problem, that we are always doing our best. If not, we would be the ones carrying our problems to wherever we work. Work more by yourself if preferred. It might help you to more clearly see if you the problem! However, even solo work needs some interaction with others.

In the mean time, we need to remember that accommodation of problematic people and situations has to be done to some extent here since this is no blissful Pure Land without the three poisons (of greed, hatred and delusion). It is a world with much suffering after all. Even the enlightened cannot solve all problems instantly, as many problems are people problems due to their personal poisons (including ours), that they refuse to let go.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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