Does Being Unthoughtful Create Negative Karma?

Question: If there are no evil intentions (based on greed, hatred or delusion) involved, there will be no negative karma created. However, do those who conduct themselves carelessly or thoughtlessly, which sometimes harms others create negative karma? For example, I overheard a mother telling her young child this — ‘Did you do that [bad deed] on purpose? If you were just careless, it is okay.’

Answer: To be deliberately careless or thoughtless is actually still intentional, actively choosing to possibly be unmindful, inconsiderate and harmful. As such, merely having this attitude does create some negative karma, what more if it leads to actual harm. Even for wilful children, this is so. True accidents not arising from any intentional actions aside, if there is wilfulness in not wanting to be more mindful, despite knowing one is already accident-prone, there is negative karma created.

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