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– 四十二章经:第九章

With extensive learning attached to the path,
the path is surely difficult to realise.
Guarding intention to give reverently to the path,
this path is extremely great.*

– Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 9th Section
(Śākyamuni Buddha)

* More Dharma practice is
much more important than
much Dharma learning.

2 Responses to “We Need More Practice”

  1. Agreed. Application of dharma learning into daily living and practice with mindfulness supersede the scrolls and scrolls of sutras read and/ or copied. Amituofo.

  2. Merrlyn 5 October 2015

    Amen to that, Jenna! Of what use is all our learning if it is not actualized? Like seeds dropped on sandy soil, the crops are few and weak.

    Namaste 🙂

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