Repentance As Cure




– 四十二章经: 第五章

The Buddha said,

‘If a person has many misgivings, yet not personally repenting, to instantly cease that mind, transgressions will come to engulf oneself, like water returning to the sea, gradually becoming deeper and broader.

If a person has misgivings, personally understands and knows their wrong, corrects the evil and practises good, the transgressions will naturally be eradicated, like a sick person getting to sweat, gradually reducing seriousness of the sickness.’

– Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 5th Section
   (Śākyamuni Buddha)

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  • Comment: As Buddhists, if a relative pass away, is it alright to engage the funeral services of those listed in the obituaries section of the straits times newspaper?

    Reply: Not always, as some do a sloppy job, carrying out not true Buddhist practices, or doing them wrongly. Go for this. Contact Mr Tan of Vimalakirti Buddhist Society’s (净名佛学社) funeral service at 9177-5566. You can ask for details and cost.

    Comment: What if we do not have the budget to do a proper buddhist funeral?

    Reply: The above is supposed to be much cheaper. You might want to call Mr Tan to negotiate now.

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