The Three Kinds Of Laziness

There is no goal that
diligence cannot fulfil,
as long as it is fulfillable.

There is no goal that
laziness can fulfil,
even if it is fulfillable.

Stonepeace | Books

[1] People are inextricably entangled in the affairs of this world. They are engrossed in them, overwhelmed by the bustle of mundane activities and society. They cling to their dear ones; they repudiate their adversaries; they immerse themselves in the accumulation, preservation, and increase of wealth. And from all these cares, they cannot free themselves; they are like silkworms imprisoned in the cocoons of their own making.

[2] Moreover, they are overpowered by the laziness of discouragement and tell themselves that they are unable to accomplish even those achievements of Dharma that are only slightly difficult. Destitute of energy in the practice of virtue, they constantly postpone it.

[3] They put themselves down with thoughts like, “Oh, but how could I ever do such things?” To wallow in this kind of depression is to cut oneself off from the Dharma.

People like this have no chance of gaining freedom, foundering as they do in the ocean of the three kinds of laziness. It is as though they were on a leaking ship; they have no prospect of gaining the other shore…

One should overcome those three kinds of laziness with a courageous, armorlike diligence, impervious to any adverse circumstance, and never transgress one’s pledge to benefit others nor allow one’s diligence to weaken, either in intention or action. This indeed should be irreversible under all circumstances, regardless of the qualities of the path that might arise.

Kangyur Rinpoche
On The Path To Enlightenment: Heart Advice From The Great Tibetan Masters
Compiled By Mathieu Ricard

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