Full Emptiness

Where there is form,
already there is emptiness.

Where there is emptiness,
already there is form.

— Buddhist Saying

Form is emptiness.
Emptiness is form.

— Heart Sutra


  • If science can show that all forms are composed of minute neutrons or even smaller particles, then it is easier to understand that ‘Form is emptiness.’ Particles that are so micro small that it is like a speck of thought-generated reality. Our thoughts actually form our physical and mental reality. Our minds manifest existences as we know it in the world.

  • You mean ’empty’ of changing substance. Still I think being in constant flux describe emptiness better.

  • There was no typo – ’empty of unchanging substance’ means ‘full of changing elements’.

    ‘Emptiness’ means to be empty of something – anything unchanging and substantial (unchanging substantial).

  • You said ’empty of unchanging substance means ‘full of changing elements.’ Is things or elements that change empty?

  • Yes. Things or elements that change are empty. Thus, as in the Heart Sutra, ‘form is emptiness”. Do join the next run of the course for systematic and complete learning.

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