We Know Not What We Know Not

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The very foolish cling to delusions.
The more foolish fight for them.
The most foolish die with them.

— Stonepeace | Get Books

An ignorant person will always be wrong when he sizes up another and believes he can judge the other’s intelligence. It is a grave mistake for a foolish fellow who has to his credit the single fact that he is good at the art of go [chess], to decide that an intelligent man who happens to have no skill at go is therefore his intellectual inferior, or for someone skilled in any of the crafts to think himself superior because others do not understand his speciality.

Scholar priests [academic monastics] who know nothing of meditation [meditative practices], and meditation monks who eschew scholarship, are both wrong to judge each other as inferior. One should never feel rivalry towards those in other fields or pass judgement on them.

Essays In Idleness [徒然草: Scribbles In Vain]
Yoshida Kenko
Translated By Meredith Mckinney

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