How To Apply Dharma In Office Politics?

Question: Somehow, I feel that upholding Buddhist principles seems idealistic and impractical in worldly work.

Answer: This is absolutely untrue, as the Dharma is applicable for every situation. What needed is more skilfulness.

Question: Where I work, some like to claim recognition for themselves, while blaming others for problems.

Answer: If the recognition is deserved, so be it. If not, over time, others will eventually speak up? If it is inconvenient for anyone to speak up, with too much at stake, why not drop your boss an anonymous but sincere and truthful note to address the matter? Even for international matters, understandably anonymous whistleblowing plays a part in making the world a better place. Likewise for unfair blame, why not speak up? You can clarify what is muddled up calmly and clearly, without need for hatred or anger. To avoid being victimised, always let the quality of your work and your joy for it speak for yourself. Remember to often smile from your heart, out of good will and loving-kindness. This banishes all imaginations of coldness and being a threat to anyone straightaway.

Remember — every wise boss would prefer an efficient worker with high moral integrity. If you are working towards excellence in work matters and personal principles, such as by observing the precepts well, you will shine. If your boss is taking too long to make things right, while you have been suffering needlessly for too long, it is perhaps time to walk away — after doing your best. Leaving is the last resort because much of our problems arise from ourselves — directly in this life due to our character, and indirectly from past lives, as karmic obstacles. Walking away too soon, the same unresolved character and karmic problems might persist, spilling over to the next job. As such, the challenge is to always do our best now. Remember — there is never need for any resentment or attachment. All is but a learning experience!

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