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Question: Dear TDE, over the years, you have accumulated many students. You encourage them to e-mail their questions on Buddhism to you, which you have always reply promptly. I always wonder where you find all the time to reply to each and every e-mail. Thank you for all your replies.

Answer: Thank you for appreciating the replies. Not all my replies are equally prompt though! As am always in the midst of preparing new courses, writing, translating and editing, I have to prioritise, based on the nature of the queries, such as their urgency and the length of replies needed. I often say this in the first lesson of my classes these days — ‘Great doubt can lead to great realisation — but you must clarify actively, and not let any doubt fester in your mind, which does you no good.’ I also add this –

‘If you are shy, you can email me on Dharma queries at any time, even beyond this course. It might not be immediate but I’ll answer you as long as gmail is working and I’m alive. One of the reasons I’m eager to answer Dharma queries is because the Buddha’s teachings answer all my major questions. This is my way to repay the Buddha’s kindness and to further share the Buddha’s teachings. I hope I can answer your questions adequately. When I’m not sure, I’ll seek advice.’ If we all study, practise and share the Buddha’s teachings diligently, they will surely go far and wide to benefit many!


  • Hi

    I hope this reaches you as I do not know how else to contact you.

    I am interested to know more about Pure Land Buddhism and was told that your class on Intro to Pure Land Buddhishm – Understanding Amituofuo via the Amitabha Sutra is very suitable for newbies like me.

    However, I realise that your current run at Tai Pei Buddhist Centre has already started last Monday.

    Can I still sign up? If so I would like to attend tonight.

    Or would I have missed too much and it is better to wait for the next run, or do you have any other classes starting soon at other locations?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Cha, yes, you can still sign up. It is technically full house already, though usually a few won’t be able to make it for some lessons.

    You can sign up at http://www.tinyurl.com/buddhistclass now, and make payment in room 5 at floor 3 before class starts.

    (If it proves really too packed today, I hope you don’t mind waiting for the next run in 2015.)


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