What If The World Goes Meatless Overnight?

Question: If all of us became vegan, what will happen to the ‘meat animals’, as there will be too many of them? Will they pose environmental threats?

Answer: Realistically, due to prevalent human greed for taste, the world will never turn vegan or even vegetarian overnight – unless there are meat-linked diseases that affect all meat animals overnight, with absolutely no cures possible forever.

Thus, the world can, at best, only turn vegan gradually. When this happens, there will be less demand for meat and naturally less supply from breeding for slaughtering. Nature will restore a more natural balance by itself, to repair the severe imbalance sustained by human consumption.

At no point will ‘meat animals’ overrun the planet uncared for to destroy the environment. In the mean time, it is exactly heavy and continual meat consumption that is destroying the environment, contributing to more than 18% of all greenhouse gases’ emissions, being one of the leading causes for the climate crisis, as highlighted and warned by the United Nations. And the greenhouse problem is just one of the many environmental problems that come from the animal-farming industry.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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