Should I Go Vegetarian During Confinement?

Question: I encouraged a friend on confinement (after childbirth) to go vegetarian to create merits for the baby, herself and family, but she became confused and asked if she can do so after the confinement month. How should I reply?

Answer: Hmmm… am not sure if she was ready for your suggestion to go veg during confinement, even though it is wonderful of course! Usually, vegetarian/vegan Mothers automatically remain veg before, during and after confinement. Usually, non-veg Mothers don’t make a point to go veg during confinement. Maybe that’s why she is confused by the suggestion?

Actually, her counter-suggestion is even better for the long run. You can build on it by suggesting that she goes veg regularly for the welfare of the family (including herself) – say, at least 2 days (or more) a month. This is better because if she makes this a lifelong practice, it beats going veg for just 30 days in a lifetime!

You might want to rephrase the above in your own words to share with her. This can be added – ‘Going veg lifelong or at least regularly creates good karma (blessings) that you can share with your family as it promotes these six kinds of welfare: http://moonpointer.com/vege/10.htm.’

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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