How To Work With Problematic Team Members?

Question: I am the leader of a team, but I have a problematic team member who keeps rejecting individually delegated tasks. How can I avoid giving in to anger at him? As I am a Buddhist, I would like to be a good example, and not be known as an ill-tempered Buddhist.

Answer: I have a simple solution. It might be a little tedious at first, but it should work in the long run… Each time this person is uncooperative, ask for a quick meeting to graciously ask for discussion and a vote on the direction forward. If your direction makes sense, the wisdom of the masses should side you. If not, there should be better alternatives offered. It’s win-win.

Eventually, this person will realise the foolishness of troubling everyone and wasting their time, and end his pointless rebellion. This way of resolving issues arising together is part of teamwork, as led by you. This method can ‘weed out’ other potentially problematic issues too. Giving in to anger, however, is likely to only aggravate the tension.

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  • Brothers or Sisters
    Below are some of my comments, hope that it my help.
    1. May be you need to find out the reasons why is this member rejecting the tasks, you can speak to him personally and make clear to him your expectation.
    2. In worst scenarios can you leave him out of the meeting and let him know that since he is not contributing and he is not welcome unless his altitude is changed.
    As a buddhist below are some points that we can achieve forbearance;
    1. Buddha’s word that no conqueror is nobler than a person who conquers his own
    anger. 2. Hatred cannot extinguished by hatred, only by compassion,3.Anger not only destroys our virtues, it creates new karma to our cycle of rebirth. 4. Be grateful to the attacker for providing you to practise the virtue of forbearance.
    May you find a solution to your problem ASAP

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