Not A Damned Thing!

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Realising the emptiness of forms,
there is no aversion of anything in particular.
Realising the forms of emptiness,
there is no attachment to no-thing in particular.

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Konchog Paldron received extensive teachings from many enlightened masters, including the Manjusri Master Jamyang Khyentse and the first Jamgon Kongtrul. However, it was Patrul Rinpoche’s oral pith-instructions that awakened her inherent Buddha-mind. She later transmitted Dza Patrul’s pithy Dzogchen teachings to many practitioners. One day, speaking in verse, Patrul told her:

‘Don’t prolong the past,
Don’t invite the future,
Don’t alter your innate wakefulness –
Don’t fear appearances.
There is nothing more than that!’

Hearing these words, Konchog Paldron suddenly experienced great enlightenment. Patrul had spoken in an earthly nomadic dialect. The final phrase sounded like ‘Apart from that, there is not a damned thing!’ This became renowned as the ‘Not-A-Damned-Thing Instruction.’ It has been passed down, from mater to disciple, to this day.

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