Make A Low Career Point A Major Turning Point

Question: Recently, I was working at an engineering firm. I resigned after three months as I disliked the job. Wanting to enter public service, I applied and waited for a month, to no avail. I became desperate and applied for other engineering firms, as my studies were along that line. However, they do not need staff at the moment. Now, I am jobless, hopeless and helpless, feeling more depressed as the days go by. I also feel pressurised by family and friends who say I was too rash in quitting my previous job. It has been one and a half months. What should I do?

Answer: Actually, one and a half months is not very long in the big picture of working. Many others were once jobless for even longer periods. You can take this period as a break, spending your certain times of the day looking for a new job, and spending the rest of the time learning the Dharma happily to upgrade yourself spiritually. Feeling depressed isn’t going to help anything at all. Why not take this as a wonderful opportunity to recharge yourself, to spend time doing what you have been missing? If there is pressure at home, you can go libraries to relax and read, and even visit temples at off-peak times to meditate, chant and reflect.

If it is indeed too difficult to look for work in that particular engineering line, you just need to be brave and prepare for a career change, by exploring other possibilities and even re-training – especially in the field you are genuinely interested in. Seeking career-counselling advice at career centres can be helpful too. Do treasure and make full use of this period as a turning point in life for the better. As long as you persevere with wisdom in all the appropriate ways, things will surely transform for the better!


  • Something to share…
    1 month is not long at all.. I waited for more than a year and a half to join the public service. Really, really, really..keep sending in your applications, one day they’ll call you up for an interview. I can’t remember how many applications I’ve sent in, but I’m glad I didn’t give up!

  • I attended a mindfulness talk recently and i find this technique quite profound but useful

    Relating to the issue of work/career, how can mindfulness be applied in the following situations?

    1. You are being scolded or criticised by your boss of your flaws or weaknesses.

    2. You have made some bad career moves in your working life and also left your current job. What is on your CV cannot be erased and you can only correct this mistake moving forward in your life.

  • Hi J.O, (1) if what being scolded over is right, why not just apologise and resolve to improve? No need to take it too hard. If what being scolded over is wrong, why not just clarify? Again, no need to take it too hard.

    (2) Right! Jiayou!


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