Why Quarrel?

‘People, other than the wise, do not realise,
“We in this world must all die,”
(and, not realising it, continue their quarrels).
The wise realise it and thereby their quarrels cease.’

– The Buddha (Dhammapada Verse 6)


  • Yes, we will all die one day..really not worth spending the time to create unhappiness for ourselves and others through the quarrels. Furthermore, if one does not try to control one’s mind, i.e. just allow oneself to quarrel whenever one feels the need to, one will slowly become more and more easily “irritated” by other’s behaviours/words such that one feels the need to correct them through arguing and quarrelling. The effect seems to be that my mind will always be thinking how to fight and argue with the other party in order to let the other party understands that he/she is wrong. Another effect is that I will then not be able to look into my own mind/heart and focus on what are my weakness in character that require attention and correction. That was what happened in my case. I really feel that I have so little time but so much to improve. It is not worth allocating my time on arguing/quarrelling with others. I will work hard to avoid quarrelling with others. Thanks for this verse.

  • I was really piss off with a friend just now for her insensitivity and i guess some accumulated frustration. I wanted to delete her contact number off the phone and lessen my interaction with her.

    Coincidentally, i happen to come across this quote posted on Facebook. I guess somehow, i’m more sensible now.

    I’m still angry but what is the point of getting angry over a small matter? Will it worth carrying this ‘grudge’ over for a lifetime or the next lifetime? Why do i let someone to rule my happiness hmmm

  • 🙂 An angry lady who chose not to be angry is actually a smart lady. She has helped to prove that, “The power of compassion and forgiveness is stronger than the power of anger and hatred”.

  • Quarreling and arguing squeezes my heart…Squeezes love right out of it…
    it is a horrible feeling…one I can live without.

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