How To Deal With The Unforgiving?

Question: How can I deal with someone who is unforgiving?

Answer: By forgiving the person. There is no need to punish yourself for someone’s pettiness if you are sure you have already done your best to explain and make amends.

Question: I did my best as a friend for many years, and the falling out was over a small matter, which wasn’t even of my fault… as agreed by other friends too.

Answer: Unfortunately, some can be fickle despite years of friendship. In the rounds of rebirth, and within each life, it’s actually common that friends become enemies and enemies become friends. It is good to let go of any grudges and expectations on your side, but you should never let go of good will for the person. When new opportunities arise for reconciliation, you can try to approach the person again. Fickleness can mean there is possibility of patching up too. In the mean time, may you be forgiving, well and happy!

Question: Yes. I will bear that in mind.

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