Is A Buddha Image In A Bedroom Okay?

black buddha head figurine
Photo by Kaushal Moradiya on Pexels.com

Question: Is it appropriate to place a Buddha image in the bedroom? Will it be disrespectful?

Answer: It is best not to place Buddha images in the bedroom as even if one is not disrespectful in there, others might feel that one it is disrespectful. They are put in the bedroom usually only when one is about to pass away, as a visual guide, or for setting up shrine.

However, if one is clear that one does nothing disrespectful in the bedroom, and that others will not be displeased, it is alright. A simple guideline for what constitutes respectful behaviour is to imagine the image to represent the actual presence of the Buddha, and to take reference from there.

Alternatively, you can put up a picture or poster of the Buddha in your bedroom when doing your daily bowing, chanting and/or meditation practice, and remove it after for storing elsewhere. If a poster is difficult to find, you can use a small card picture or a small portable Buddha image.

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