Do You Always Get What You Think Of?

Question: If everything is the result of energy movement, when we have strong thoughts of
a certain event, do you think it will happen? For example, if I manifest positive thoughts that I will win in a lucky draw and indeed win, was it because I was consciously connecting to winning?

Answer: Thinking of getting something is not enough. It is just a cause. There must be conditions such as relevant actions provided for directing the cause to ripen. If just thinking is enough, we would long have everything we want already. Many who win prizes did not keep thinking of wanting to win too.

The lucky draw was won due to cause (good karma) and conditions (e.g. joining the draw) together. There are people who dream all their lives to winning the lottery and such, but never, because they lack the cause while they provide only conditions. If you were thinking about the ‘law of attraction’, here is an opposite idea to share: http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=12,6654,0,0,1,0

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  • Should we really assume that winning a lottery is good karma, or that losing is bad karma? Either presents an opportunity to choose how to think and act in regards to the circumstances of our winning or losing. That is what determines good and bad karma, whether we win or lose.


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