Hush About Others’ Faults?

Question: When we recognise other’s faults, despite voicing them out of good will, one might be backstabbed out of spite instead. Is it adequate to just see others’ faults but not speak of them, for self-protection?

Answer: To see other’s faults but not do what you can to help the person better themselves would itself be a personal fault – of lacking compassion, of having selfishess due to wanting to protect oneself only.

It is quite common a passive attitude,  among some Buddhists, to ignore the mistakes of others, even in terms of Dharma matters, after shaking their heads and sighing, thinking it is better to focus on their own problems.

But this is not compassion in action. We should try to, within our means address the issue by raising it appropriately and sincerely, with a good measure of compassion and wisdom, so as to avoid backfires and animosity. If we are more skilful, it is possible to win friends and not make enemies. But this does take practice!

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