Most Important Thing

The most important thing
is to find out
what is the most important thing.

– Shunryu Suzuki


  • The most important is…hmm…cannot remember anymore must be not important. :-S

  • But sometimes, we do forget the most important things. For example, most have forgotten, or are unaware of the important matter of spiritual cultivation. This forgetting doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, it becomes all the more important.


  • I find also most important – and so many just forgot – that health is not for granted, that it is a huge gift from Buddha…we all complain when we are unhealthy but we rarely thank buddha for the times we are healthy….
    just my two cents (L)

  • Health is not exactly given by the Buddha, but given to ourselves when we take care of ourselves. The Buddha (e.g. Amituofo) can share his blessings though, if we connect to him.

    If self-liberation from suffering is important, then it is immeasurably more important to work towards liberation of all beings too.


  • 心不老实即行不老实。

    When the mind is not earnest [forthright; honest; frank; straightforward],
    the practice [action] is not earnest.
    When the mind is earnest [and sincere],
    the practice is earnest. – Stonepeace

  • The most important thing in life for me is to be contented and happy. The other being kindness to oneself and others.
    I know there are other things in life which are important, like money, but if you are discontented, you’ll feel poor even if you are the wealthiest guy on the planet.

  • The most important things in life, according to Buddhism, are compassion and wisdom. When they are perfected, Buddhahood is attained too.

    With perfected wisdom, there is liberation from suffering, which is True Happiness and contentment.

    With perfected compassion, there is aspiration to help others attain the same.

  • 临命中时最后一念是念阿弥陀佛。
    抱握时间好好的精进修行。 😉

  • 😀 Most important thingmust practise meditation;get enlightened & stop rebirth;Amituofo

  • Earnest may be right, but many times, unpleasant things come in the way and give you no peace to do the most important.

  • This is where spiritual cultivation comes in, to help us maintain and increase peace of mind despite adversities. Practice makes perfect!


  • The Chinese saying, ‘ten years to plant a tree, hundred years to cultivate a human’. Can there be some elaboration on spiritual cultivation in this hectic society?

  • the most important thing in your life is always by your side but you failed to realise it

  • Sounds like Buddha-Nature – the potential to be a Buddha is always within, to perfect compassion and wisdom.


  • Even if has limited resources, one can still give of whatever one can (e.g. offer time and effort) to help others to express compassion and learn from whatever one comes across to increase wisdom. From doing one’s best, good karma will accumulate which betters life’s conditions.

  • i believe i have done a lot of good deeds in recent years than my earlier days. however my life went opposite from good to worst for some aspects. Sometimes i wonder what is the reason. i thought the more good deeds one does, the better the life will be, but in my case, its the opposite.

  • Life is complex. E.g. the good we think is good might not be good enough, and there are previous lives too, in which we might have created negative karma that bears fruit now. The good done will still bear fruit though, but not always immediately. Seeds take time to to bear fruits, while the fruits we taste now might be of way back previously planted seeds. There is natural cause and effect for everything. Jiayou!

    Here is more to share:

  • Hi BUD,

    I quote this sentence from the article, “This can lead to falling badly into the lower realms when their good karma exhausts – due to it not being topped up in time, and when their remnant bad karma created in the past ripens.” May I know how to top up good karma in time, apart from chanting sutras and mantras, to prevent from falling too fast and furious?

  • The truth is, being unenlightened and having had many past lives, we can’t tell for sure what and how much negative karma we have, that might suddenly bear fruit. This is why we should do all kinds of good deeds diligently via body (eg. do acts of charity), speech (eg. share the Dharma) and mind (e.g. be mindful of Amituofo as much as possible)… to always create more positive karma to dilute the effects of negative karma.

    All this said, the objective of Buddhism is not merely to have good karma, as good karma can indirectly lead to spiritual downfall too. This is why having a sense of spiritual direction is important – e.g. aspiring for birth in Pureland. More on possible downfall from having much good karma @

  • Hi BUD

    Does all the extremely negative karma in current life arises from some previous lives that bear retributive fruit? Does everything happens for a reason?

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