How Did The Buddha Know He Was Enlightened?

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Question: How did Buddha know that he was enlightened?

Answer: The Buddha developed his mind so perfectly that he could survey the universe, after which he realised there are no beings who are just as enlightened — other than other Buddhas. It’s actually more relevant to ask this — How do WE know the Buddha is enlightened? Here is the answer: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedailyenlightenment-realisation/message/245 For ‘What if the Buddha is not enlightened?’, please see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedailyenlightenment-realisation/message/318

Question: How did the Buddha know his teachings are unsurpassed?

Answer: As above, he saw the whole universe and found no greater teacher espousing greater teachings. We too can survey history best we can to see if there are greater teachings by anyone else.

Question: How do I know if I’ve become a Buddha?

Answer: Some assume they are enlightened when they are not. To know if one is really enlightened like a Buddha, now that we have the historical Buddha’s teachings and know his conduct for reference, we can check it we are as true in thought, word and deed like him in terms of perfect compassion and wisdom. Actually, if we become Buddhas, there would be no need to check in this way, as we would be able to perceive other Buddhas directly — as our peers. The fact that we cannot do so readily means we are not yet Buddhas.


  • I am just a beginner in buddhism. I don’t know when and whether I can become a buddha. I just know that what I can do is to learn to be a good human being. How? By learning to overcome my greed, hatred and delusion. This is within my control and I can see the results if I really work hard. As for becoming a buddha….I would rather learn to become a good human being first. Becoming a buddha seems too abstract for me….maybe wait till I manage to overcome my greed, hatred and delusion.

  • What has me wondering today is this;
    It is said that; “on the night that he was to attain enlightenment, he (the Buddha,) sat down with the determination not to rise until he had understood how suffering originates and how it can be eradicated.” How did the Buddha know that it was the night he was to attain enlightenment?!! It sounds predetermined, scheduled to me….

  • What he expressed was his determination to attain Buddhahood, not so much of confirmation that he will, though with true determination, and when one is truly ready, one will know one will be able to make it.



  • There is a moment for every single sentient vein who will eventually
    Be enlightened.. It is within everyone’s reach to attain it..
    This is for sure…. 🙂 (I) (L)

  • How does one know when they’re feeling joy or pain? When one knows they’re not experiencing joy, pain, desire, fear, anticipation, hatred, delusion, and when one sees how these originate as mental states, they immediately wake up to the truth of the mind. The delusion of ego dissapears, which is the absolute clarity. There is nothing more clear, when you’re enlightened, for the lack of a better word; awakened.

  • Hi ..I m practicing meditation…but since last month I m on the same step where I was on a month ago….I felt receiving cosmic energy a month ago …and still feeling same..no progress after a month with being regular too. Can anybody advice that what will be the next step and when I will be there….?? I mean how much time will it take for me to progress on next level?

  • What is the energy like? Do visit a proper Buddhist centre to seek qualified advice.

  • Hi…u r right QED 🙂
    Now I started feeling burning sensation on my forehead in the middle of my eyebrows.. Is this the sign of third eye activation ? Pls let me know if anybody know it..?

  • I think you are all born with the knowledge – it is up to you to open your mind and eyes and do with it what you chose.
    You can meditate all you like but it will not make you a Buddha.
    Someone will always be there to guide you, but at the end of it all… They have the same information inside them as you do

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