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Asking About Power And Brightness 请问力明

沙门问佛: 何者多力?何者最明?佛言:忍辱多力,不怀恶故,兼加安健。忍者无恶,必为人尊。心垢灭尽,净无瑕秽,是为最明。未有天地,逮于今日,十方所有,无有不见,无有不知,无有不闻,得一切智,可谓明矣。...

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Give It To Me!

Give away what you do not need.Give away your miserliness.Give away what others do need.—...

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Karma Haiku

Those who will especially be humbled by the law of karma,are those who do not believe in it.

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Renouncing Attachments To Attain The Path...

人怀爱欲不见道者。譬如澄水,致手搅之,众人共临,无有睹其影者。人以爱欲交錯,心中浊兴,故不见道。汝等沙门,当舍爱欲。爱欲垢尽,道可见矣。— 释迦牟尼佛《四十二章经》: 第十六章 People who...

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You Have Your Now

The centre betweenthe past and futureis forever the now.— Shilashanti I walked up toward Suzuki...

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