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Oceanography, Meteorology, Astronomy, Swimology

Jun. 13 | Even much accurate theory that is yet to be practised is yet to be practical. – Stonepeace | Books There was a Professor taking a sea voyage in a little boat and one night he goes up to the old sailor and says, “Hey old man, what do you know about...

Difference Haiku

May. 27 | As long as unenlightened, there will be differences between the learnt and realised.

Do Not Be A Wild Fox ‘Zen Master’! 别成野狐‘禅师’!

May. 6 | 学说之误人, 只在最初几希之间。 其后之结果, 则无法可收拾矣。 – 净土宗十三祖印光大师 (复谢慧霖居士书十六) Those saying theoretical teachings that mislead others, only, in the beginning, [do not take]...
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