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Who Are You Behind That Mask? (‘Hema Hema’s Dharma Drama On Karma)

May. 23 | What if there is an secret camp of sorts, amidst the mountains, where for a fortnight, all don masks to hide their true identities, and are free to do whatever they wish? There, almost anything goes, though there are some basic rules to ensure there...

How Can A ‘Creator’ Be ‘Created’?

Aug. 13 | I’m the one who asked Brahmā  in the Hall of Justice before the assembly:  ‘Friend, do you still have the same view  that you had in the past?  Or do you see the radiance  transcending the Brahmā realm?’ [to be continued…] –...

Some Dharma Depths In ‘The Shallows’?

Mar. 15 | A driver brings a girl (Nancy) to a beautiful beach but refuses to divulge its name. There, she meets two surfers, who also refuse to tell it. This was to prevent crowds from flocking there, with it being like a tempting secret paradise known only by...

Samsara Haiku

Aug. 6 | Samsara is just unresolved feelings from deluded thinking.

Why Not Stay In Samsara?

Jan. 9 | Just as we strive to enter good schools to study the worldly, we should strive to enter the best school [Pure Land] to master the Dharma. – Stonepeace Question: There are some who say that one vows to be reborn in this filthy land in order to convert...

Bittersweet Haiku

Aug. 29 | Even the sweetest becomes bittersweet, and even bitter… till we forget. (Thus are we reborn, pining for the bittersweet, time and again.) 

Same Old Same Old? What’s New?

Aug. 10 | We are karmically destined to relive Samsara, until we realise we need a breakthrough. – Stonepeace At a friendly vegetarian neighbourhood eatery, the two of us were tucking into our usual order of olive fried rice with an additional dish of stir-fried...
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