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How To Not Follow Customs Blindly

Mar. 20 | Question: Some are very particular that red packets (angbaos) given must be with amounts of money ending with 8 (which sounds in a Chinese dialect like ‘huat’, which means ‘prosper’), and not 4 (which sounds like ‘die’)....

How The Buddha Is Gone Yet Not Gone For Good 佛陀如何如去亦不去

Oct. 4 | 吾今来此世界八千返, 为此娑婆世界, 坐金刚华光王座。 – 释迦牟尼佛 《梵网经菩萨戒本》 I now [have] come [to] this world [for the] eight thousandth return, for this Sahā World[‘s sentient beings], sitting...
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