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How The Buddha Is Gone Yet Not Gone For Good 佛陀如何如去亦不去

Oct. 4 | 吾今来此世界八千返, 为此娑婆世界, 坐金刚华光王座。 – 释迦牟尼佛 《梵网经菩萨戒本》 I now [have] come [to] this world [for the] eight thousandth return, for this Sahā World[‘s sentient beings], sitting...

Complacence Haiku

Jul. 1 | To be complacent of how ‘good’ the way things are is how things turn bad

Wasted Time

Dec. 19 | Time was never truly wasted if one realises in time, that time was wasted and wastes it no more, by being more diligent. Time was truly wasted if one does not realise in time that time was wasted and wastes it more, by being still complacent. –...

How Can Some With Good Karma Become Evil?

Nov. 21 | If merits and wisdom are always steadily cumulative from life to life, we should be liberated already. – Stonepeace One might be reborn into very favourable physical and material circumstances as a result of past good karma ripening now. However,...
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