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Anxiety Haiku

Feb. 1 | Aware of the worst possibility,never be anxious if it becomes reality.

Silence Haiku

Sep. 20 | Only when pining to hear Or swarmed with thoughts Is silence deafening. (If there is no awareness of what you crave for and you already cling to, there will be no peace of mind.)

Be Aware Soon

Feb. 7 | 不怕念起, 只怕觉迟. Fear not the early arising of thoughts;* Fear only the late awareness of them. – Buddhist Saying * Thoughts of greed, hatred and delusion


Jul. 12 | The first step towards enlightenment is having awareness. The next step towards enlightenment is increasing awareness. The last step towards enlightenment is perfecting awareness. – Stonepeace

Voluntary Cultivation of Involuntary Compassion

Jul. 22 | When compassion becomes not just your second nature, but your first and only nature, you become a full-fledged Bodhisattva. – Stonepeace Dalai Lama: (translated) When you have an intense emotion of compassion, an intense state of compassion for...

Greatest Precept

May. 19 | The greatest [moral] precept is continual awareness. – Atisha

Full Awareness

Oct. 16 | As we are affected by our sub-consciousness, we should become as conscious as possible. Otherwise, our lives would be semi-conscious ones. – Stonepeace
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