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Should Buddhists Pray To Tai Sui?

Dec. 28 | Question: As Buddhists, do we have to be concerned about ‘offending Tai Sui (太岁 diety/dieties)’? Is there the need to make offerings for the purpose of appeasement? Answer: Praying to Tai Sui is not a Buddhist belief or practice; it seems to be...

Do Buddhas Have Selective Compassion?

Dec. 4 | Question: Is the concept of 本命佛 (‘fundamental life’s Buddha’) a true Buddhist teaching? Based on this, is it such that a certain enlightened Buddha or Bodhisattva will have greater affinity with us than others? A family member bought a pendant...

The Groom Who Lost His Bride To The Stars

Nov. 8 | The only destiny worth fulfilling is that you create for the good of one and all. – Stonepeace | Get Books Once upon a time, there was a rich family living in Benares, in northern India. They arranged for their son to marry a good and honest...


Dec. 4 | He who dallies till the auspicious moment arrives to begin his task, wastes his time star-gazing. When a man succeeds in what he does, did the stars have a say? – Nakkatha Jataka
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