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How To Not Be Reborn As Animals

Nov. 27 | The very shortsighted must learn to see much further. – Shilashanti The Kukkuravatika Sutta records how Puṇṇa (of the Koliyans), an ox-duty ascetic, and Seniya the naked dog-duty ascetic learnt the error of their ways through the Buddha. Prior...

Verses On Asceticism & Morality

May. 15 | 见苦行人,当愿众生, 依于苦行,至究竟处。 见操行人,当愿众生, 坚持志行,不舍佛道。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第92-93偈) Seeing ascetics, [reflect that] ‘May sentient beings, rely on ascetic...
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