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Bǎo Níngyǒng Chán Master’s Cautionary Text For Reading Sūtras 保宁勇禅师看经警文

Apr. 7 | 用心来看经。 看经即看心。 Use the mind to see the sūtras. To see the sūtras is to see the mind. — Shilashanti That method of reading sūtras, that younger students must know, is that they should purify their Three Karmas. If the Three...

Should I ‘Just’ Let My Negative Karma Ripen?

Apr. 6 | Question: Is it right to think that I should not take special care of my health, so that my negative karma can be allowed to ripen, to be depleted?  Answer: The Buddha’s teachings are not merely about trying to deplete negative...
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