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No Regrets

May. 31 | My religion is to live and die without regret. – Milarepa

Why Some Love Stories Break Your Heart

Nov. 14 | A love story is heartbreaking when the heartbreak need not occur, while the heartbreak is clung to, though the heartbreak can be healed. – Stonepeace Many heartwrenching love stories share the common trait of heartbreak – due to miscommunication,...

Acceptance of Regret, Shame & Dread

Oct. 3 | To not regret over the regretable is regretable. – Stonepeace On one occasion this [elderly] monk asked the Dalai Lama for initiation into a particular set of demanding practices. The Dalai Lama demurred, saying that they were meant for younger monks,...

Donald & Charlie Talk About Love & Happiness

May. 10 | To have unconditioned happiness, have unconditioned love for one and all. – Stonepeace There is a great conversational gem in the underrated film ‘Adaptation’. In it, Charlie spoke of, to his brother Donald, a time in high school, ...

Some Regrets About Some Relationships

Apr. 22 | If what you find attractive in someone is the Dharma embodied and expressed, why be attached to the manner and form? – Stonepeace There are a few great regrets I have when it comes to relationships. Ironically, the most troubling ones are those...

Let’s End Regrets

Jan. 14 | Since the slightest regret binds us to Samsara, spiritual cultivation is the process of resolving regrets. – Stonepeace

Who is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’?

Sep. 2 | Adapted from the bestseller, ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ tells of a man’s peculiar condition, of being involuntarily subject to fading away, only to manifest in another time and place. It is suspected to be a medical anomaly, though Buddhism would...
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