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Is The Thus Come One Gone Forever?

Oct. 25 | If the Parinirvana of Buddhas is the end of re-manifestations to help more beings, they would not be ones with perfect compassion… Parinirvana is just the end of physical imperfections; it is not the end of spiritual perfections. ~ Stonepeace Now...

Spiritual Perfection

Jul. 30 | Spiritual perfection is the rendering of one’s compassion and wisdom to be unbounded by space or time. This is Buddhahood. – Stonepeace

The Mantra of the Perfection of Wisdom

Mar. 4 | The perfection of wisdom (Prajnaparamita) is the ability to guide all to transcend the sea of Samsara, and to reach the shore of Buddhahood – Stonepeace A mantra is something that you utter when your body, your mind and your breath are at one in...

The Perfect Problem of Being Perfectionist

Nov. 19 | No one is too imperfect to practise the Dharma, while we practise the Dharma to perfect ourselves – Stonepeace Despite considerable study yet inadequate understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, we might hesitate to truly put them into practice...

Perfectly Imperfect

Oct. 16 | This imperfect moment is the perfect moment to practise the Dharma, because if all is already perfect now, there would be no need to practise. – Stonepeace
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