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Sep. 26 | Things derive their being and nature by mutual dependence (interdependence) and are nothing in themselves. – Nagarjuna

Open Truth

Aug. 23 | Each molecule preaches perfect law. Each moment chants true sutras. The most fleeting thought is timeless. A single hair’s enough to stir the sea. – Shutaku

Why There Is No Creator

Aug. 10 | If there is an independent creator of everyone, this would be the one responsible for everyone, instead of anyone else, who never asked to be created. – Stonepeace Buddhism refutes the possibility of something independent  that does not depend...

Was The Buddha-To-Be Heartless Or ‘Heartful’?

Jul. 19 | Whenever action is possible, the true measure of compassion is a true measure of action. – Stonepeace Not infrequently, the Buddha-to-be, as Prince Siddhartha, is mistaken to be a heartless husband, father and son, due to his unannounced great...

The Buddha’s Wonderful Advice on Interdependence

May. 31 | No One Is An Island: The Buddha’s Wonderful Advice on Interdependence Buddhism doesn’t just talk about ’emptiness’. Interdependence forms the core of the Buddha’s teachings too. It is the reality of how all people, the...


Dec. 13 | To be extremely self-centred is to be extremely self-destructive [as one forgets one’s interdependence on others]. ~ Stonepeace

The Four Harmonious Friends (Bird, Hare, Monkey & Elephant)

Oct. 13 | Respect should be freely given to all simply because all have Buddha-nature, because all can become Buddhas. – Stonepeace Once, the Buddha was travelling, when many younger monks moved ahead to seek shelter. By dusk, a room was prepared for him,...

‘The Blind Side’ Seen

Jan. 15 | ‘The Blind Side’ tells the true story of how the once underprivileged and racially discriminated Michael Oher became a successful football player by proving his worth in various aspects of life – beyond just the sport. What is the blind side? It...

The Two Dimensions of Reality

Nov. 5 | Since every thing is interdependent upon one another, there is no one independent creator of everything. – Stonepeace We come to the practice of meditation seeking relief from our suffering, and meditation can teach us how to transform our suffering...
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