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Horror Movie Haiku

Jan. 2 | The terrified victim is eventually, hopefully, the courageous hero too.

Sunset Haiku

Sep. 5 | Sunset now But sunrise later Disappointment or hope… later? (There is no need to be sad or elated over the fleeting.)

Don’t Disown Hope

Aug. 2 | Question: I understand that filial piety is very important in Buddhism. However, I’m estranged from my family. As my parents treat me as non-existent, I rarely contact them. As staying with them caused them suffering, I chose to move out. They even...

Hopelessness & Hopefulness

Sep. 25 | Due to impending (re)death, we always have little time. Due to impending (re)birth, we always have much time. – Stonepeace
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