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How ‘Wild’ To Let It Be!

May. 23 | How about taking a long walk to somewhere through nowhere particular, with no one particular? Cheryl Strayed did just that – going on an almost entirely solo pilgrimage of 94 days, trekking 1,100 miles through the Pacific Crest Trail. It was not so...

Grief Haiku

Apr. 14 | Grief that does not turn into strong resolution only cripples you

From Craving Arises Grief & Fear

Oct. 30 | From craving springs grief, From craving springs fear: For one quite free of craving There is no grief — how fear? – The Buddha (Dhammapada, Verse 216) … this brahman… went one day to the bank of the river to clear his field. The Teacher...

How The Buddha Consoled A Bereaved Mother

Oct. 30 | For one who has a clinging mind and finds delight in babes and herds, death does seize and carry away as a great flood a sleeping village. – The Buddha (Dhammapada, Verse 287) As the young Kisa Gotami had never witnessed the death of anyone before,...
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