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Is ‘The Punisher’ Is Also The Punished?

Mar. 14 | In a scene where ‘The Punisher’ (Season 1) was spray-painting his signature white skull symbol on his black body armour meant to intimidate his enemies, Lieberman tells him… ‘That skull? That’s a “Memento Mori”....

Death Haiku

Feb. 27 | You may reject death for all your life, but death will never reject you – unless you transcend before it comes.

Verse On Not Forgetting 莫忘偈

Feb. 27 | 莫忘须活; 莫忘将死。 莫忘当下; 莫忘当后。 – 照见 Do not forget you need to live; Do not forget you will die. Do not forget the immediate; Do not forget later. – Zhàojiàn

‘The Kominsky Method’ Of Being Here

Dec. 26 | ‘The Kominsky Method’ is a bittersweet drama series on the challenges of two old friends growing older together, as they look out for each other while musing on life. Sandy Kominsky is an acting coach, who just lost a dear friend to sickness....

Diligence Haiku

Dec. 19 | All the time in the world due to (endless) rebirth(s)? Ever less time in this life due to (impending) death! How many more times do you wish to assume you have enough time? May all be diligent to learn and practise the Dharma… in time.

The Lotus Sūtra’s Verses For Breaking Free From Hell 法华经之破地狱偈

Dec. 11 | 破地狱偈 [3] 每自作是念: ‘以何令众生, 得入无上道, 速成就佛身?’ – 释迦牟尼佛 《法华经》如来寿量品第十六 Verse For Breaking Free From Hell [3] [I] always personally have this thought, ‘With...

Can Accidental Mention Of Death Cause Actual Death?

Dec. 4 | Question: There was accidental declaration of an informant of a death as the deceased. A family member of the informant is now worried that unfortunate things might happen. What can be done?  Answer: You should get the one who made the mistake to...

Thoughts On ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’

Nov. 27 | People are first haunted by their inner demons, before they become ghosts haunting haunted places, who might in turn become others’ outer demons. Haunted by unresolved and deluded attachment and aversion, both in this life and from life to...

‘Bleach’ing Out Darkness Of Evil

Nov. 8 | ‘Bleach: The Soul Reaper Agent Arc’ is a movie adaptation of the ‘Bleach’ manga series, featuring soul reapers who guide ‘souls’ in the afterlife. Not ‘Death’ itself, they are guides of the deceased. Adhering...

Giving Haiku

Oct. 25 | Give till there is nothing left to give by your time to die – to perfect your generosity best you can. Love till there is no one left unloved by your time to die – to perfect your loving-kindness best you can.

Countdown Haiku

Sep. 27 | Is your life countdown to redeath and rebirth or towards liberation?

How To Have The Ultimately Blissful Reunion

Sep. 5 | 若有众生, 闻是说者, 应当发愿, 生彼国土。 – 释迦牟尼佛 (佛说阿弥陀经) If there are beings who hear this, they should vow to be born in that [Pure] Land. – Śākyamuni Buddha (Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of]...

The ‘Historically’ Fantastic ‘Legend Of The Demon Cat’

Aug. 15 | ‘Legend Of The Demon Cat’ (妖猫传) is what can be called ‘fantastical history’ or ‘historical fantasy’ – a highly dramatised and romanticised retelling of how events might had been, that led to the demise of Yang...

Can Faith In Any Deity Help The Dying?

Aug. 1 | According to one doctrine, there is a great, self-existent [i.e. uncreated] deity whose substance is real and who is all-pervading [i.e. omnipresent], eternal, and the producer of all phenomena [as a creator]…. If something [or someone] produces...

Wisdom Haikus

Jul. 26 | The dying who are also wise waste not a single moment on greed, hated and delusion. ___ The living who are also wise waste not a single moment on greed, hated and delusion. ___ We the living now are also the dying now, but are also wise now? – Shilashanti
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