The Daily Enlightenment Book 1-6

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Published since 1999, the entire book series of 'The Daily Enlightenment: Reflections For Practising Buddhists' is now back by popular demand.

Highly readable even for absolute beginners, as written and edited by Shen Shi’an, MA (Buddhist Studies), founder of TDE, the 6 books with 626 articles and 520 quotes over 1000 pages are packed with unique, concise, practical, contemporary and thought-provoking insights inspired by many Buddhist traditions.

(Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper was used to create this book, with 250g Pacesetter Plus Matt for the cover, and 100g Ozone Wood-free for the pages. Please further reuse and ‘recycle’ this book by sharing it as a gift. Thank you!)

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