The Daily Enlightenment (TDE) is an independent free Buddhist newsletter that serves more than 31,000 members worldwide. It aims to inspire its readers to live mindfully and meaningfully, in the hope that they seek spiritual enlightenment on a daily basis. Members receive weekly e-newsletters with the latest news of the Buddhist community, quotes, reflections, excerpts and recommended web links. All are welcomed to contribute articles.

Commemorating TDE’s anniversaries, a year’s worth of reflections, as featured in the newsletter each week would be compiled annually. We sincerely hope they will inspire you in some way. Now available due to popular demand as PDF eBooks which can be read on any smartphone, tablet or computer, Book 1 features 366 short reflections, while Book 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 each feature 52 extended reflections with 104 inspirational quotations.

You can also visit the archive and subscribe for more new articles at Join us today. Be a TDE member, who not only reads, but writes to share the Dharma too!

Although TDE books are also for free distribution, they are made possible only with your support. A small contribution of SGD$5.70 (USD$4.59) per book is suggested. If you would like to get the printed book versions, please click here. To sponsor other amounts, please click here. For currency conversion rate, please click here.

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