Amitabha Buddha’s Forty-Eight Great Vows

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The Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Immeasurable Life: Section On Amitābha Buddha's Forty-Eight Great Vows


With deep faith in
Āmítuófó's 48 vows,
through this Buddha's great vows,
vow to be born in his Pure Land.

The 48 great vows of Amitābha Buddha (Āmítuófó) is the most important part of the Immeasurable Life Sūtra's upper scroll. Understanding these pure vows helps us to appreciate his perfect compassion and wisdom, which motivates our aspiration to practise sincere mindfulness of Āmítuófó. Thus reaching his Pure Land, all will be able to most swiftly progress towards Buddhahood. With the vows translated as accurately, elegantly and clearly as possible, this book is designed for both study and chanting practice. Book's features include:

  1. Key sūtra chapters before, on and after vows (most definitive translation available)
  2. Simplified Chinese text with pinyin and English version side by side
  3. A5 size with 144 pages and large fonts for lifelong use
  4. Durable eco-friendly paper with soothing colour
  5. Spiral-bound for hands-free chanting and reading
  6. Strong waterproof protective cover
  7. Names of vows by the Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí (净土宗八祖莲池大师)
  8. Summaries of attainments offered by each vow
  9. Verses For Giving Rise To Aspiration For Birth In The Western Pure Land (西方发愿文) by Great Master Liánchí
  10. Incense Praise (炉香赞), Sūtra-Opening Verse (开经偈), Verse For Praise Of Buddha (赞佛偈), Verse For Sharing Of Merits (回向文) and Threefold Refuge (三皈依)
  11. Colour picture of Āmítuófó
  12. Receive a free copy of the Pure Land Pass Card.

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About the paper : Covers printed on Trucard 2 Gloss Recycled with 50% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), 100% Elemental Chorine Free (ECF) pulp from responsible sources and approved de-inked post consumer fibre. The pages are printed on Naturalis Smooth Vanilla with 100% ECF pulp sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests.

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