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 Quote: Disappointment

Disappointment is just a reminder
to further align with reality
with greater diligence.

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 Realisation: Review Of 3 Sayings From 'The Stonepeace Book: 1′

Because everything changes
from moment to moment,
we should treasure everything
in this moment. (to be continued…)

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‘The purpose of life
is to find it, live it,
and share it.’

Commentary: The moment we feel existentially lost in life is the very moment we should check our bearings and determine our direction to go from where we are. Having ascertained which is the most worthy goal, we should wholeheartedly work towards actualising it. Since we sincerely see it to be a truly worthy goal, we should do what we can to share it with others who might be lost like we once were too. The Buddha-to-be realised that the universal worthiest purpose of life is to seek and tread the path to True Happiness, and to share this way with all beings. We too can do the same, by following the path discovered and proposed by him, the perfect trailblazer, wayfarer and our supreme teacher.

‘The most loving
are the most lovely
and lovable.’

Commentary: While many of us seek the most lovely, it is easy to be misdirected, to look only for lovely material things, and even physically beautiful people and places out there. However, when we reflect mindfully, we will realise that the most lovely is none other than those who embody and express the most loving-kindness, compassion, rejoice and equanimity (the Four Immeasurables) – such as the perfectly enlightened Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, great Dharma masters and practitioners. We will see that the most loving people, despite their appearances, are truly the most lovely and thus lovable. So lovely and lovable are they, that they inspire us not only to be with them, but to be like them too.

‘When there is no need to judge,
one should not judge with delusion.
When there is need to judge,
one should judge with wisdom.’

Commentary: Much totally unnecessary suffering in our lives arise from us habitually making presumptuous misjudgements of people and matters with faulty perceptions arising from prejudice and misinformation. Such suffering might even spill over from affecting only ourselves by brewing afflictions in our minds, to unfairly harming others with our wrong views, speech and action relating to them. As such, it is better to suspend judgement when there is little or no ground to judge, when we are likely to misjudge with our undetected delusions. However, should we need to judge for decision-making, we should muster our objective efforts to investigate the truth, just as the Buddha famously advised.

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Because everything changes
from moment to moment,
we should not be attached to anything
in this moment. (… as continued)

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 Excerpt: Not A Damned Thing!

Realising the emptiness of forms,
there is no aversion of anything in particular.
Realising the forms of emptiness,
there is no attachment to no-thing in particular.

- Stonepeace | Get Books

Konchog Paldron received extensive teachings from many enlightened masters, including the Manjusri Master Jamyang Khyentse and the first Jamgon Kongtrul. However, it was Patrul Rinpoche’s oral pith-instructions that awakened her inherent Buddha-mind. She later transmitted Dza Patrul’s pithy Dzogchen teachings to many practitioners. One day, speaking in verse, Patrul told her:

‘Don’t prolong the past,
Don’t invite the future,
Don’t alter your innate wakefulness -
Don’t fear appearances.
There is nothing more than that!’

Hearing these words, Konchog Paldron suddenly experienced great enlightenment. Patrul had spoken in an earthly nomadic dialect. The final phrase sounded like ‘Apart from that, there is not a damned thing!’ This became renowned as the ‘Not-A-Damned-Thing Instruction.’ It has been passed down, from mater to disciple, to this day.

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