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The Daily Enlightenment
 Quote: Evil, Self, Views

First, the unwholesome must be averted.
In the middle, the self must averted.
Last, all the views are averted.
Wise is the one who knows this.

- Aryadeva
  (Four Hundred Verses On The Middle Way)

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 Realisation: Don't Tell Me You Saved The World

Life can be shorter than expected.
What are you doing
with the ‘little’ time left?

Don’t tell me a major global disaster that could had killed many on 21 December 2012 was averted by propagation of your doomsday (or disaster-day) beliefs through your mass spiritual practices in advance. Don’t tell me your efforts saved the world because just a week before, on 14 December, a gunman killed 20 children and 7 adults at a school in Newtown, whose deaths were not prevented by your supposedly ‘powerful’ prayers, even though they were much fewer people than the rest of the world you believe you saved a week later. If even 27 victims could not be saved from a single gunman by you, how did you save the world with some 7 billion people?

Don’t tell me the world is now definitely a saved and better place after 2012 because shootings continue, along with arguments over gun control. On 11 January 2013, the day this is written, there are more shootings at a school in California. Don’t tell me your prayers definitely eradicated (or alleviated) whatever suffering did not happen that day, because there is no scientific proof of any anticipated (yet diminished) natural disaster. Just as many natural and man-made disasters occurred before 21 December, they continue after. Even if there was some temporal relief of suffering, it is clearly not enough. Of course, there was relief of needless apocalyptic panic!

Don’t tell me you were just ‘skilfully’ riding the 2012 craze to change the world with your messages because taking this ride and asking others to follow now seems crazier after nothing cosmically significant happened that day. Who do you expect to believe your next message for the world then, even if is truly significant? Don’t tell me, with certainty now, how that big day was postponed by your prayers because you already, with certainty then, ‘foretold’ something big was going to ‘happen’. Are you not a boy who cries wolf repeatedly, who raises false alarms with excuses of the wolf being late? Forgetting death can arrive at any time is already disastrous.

If you brought religion into your 2012 messages, I hope you did not taint much of its name, because neither proper religionists nor scientists approved them. Did you make more enlightened or disillusioned with your religion in this post 2012 world? True spiritual practices work, but the non-event of a super-disaster on 21 December was simply so because it was not a special day, other than being with the hype the deluded helped to drive. It was no major turning point, other than for growth in wisdom hopefully, for those who had harboured great expectations, having looked forward to that day for some great change, before realising it is up to them every day.

The real turning point is always today and now, when knowing life is short and unpredictable, we do what we can to better it for one and all, not merely with a threshold of people who believe in this and pray, but act upon sound ideals to really change the world. Since we do not know many are needed to significantly change the world via thought, word and deed, let’s all play a part to save the world every day. Don’t tell me you saved the world, because it is not saved yet. Don’t tell me it’s all okay now, because there are still disasters every day – in slaughterhouses for instance. How do you save the whole wide world when animal welfare, environmentalism and more is being neglected?

Life can be longer than expected.
What are you doing
with the ‘extra’ time left?

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 Excerpt: The Gold Standard Test For Truth

Do not rely merely on the person,
   but on the words;
Do not rely merely on the words,
   but on the meaning;
Do not rely merely on the provisional meaning,
   but on the definitive meaning; and
Do not rely merely on intellectual understanding,
   but on direct experience.

- The Four Reliances

There is a verse in which Buddha urges his followers to take his words as they might accept from a jeweler a metal that appears to be gold: only after seeing that the metal does not tarnish when burned, can be easily cut, and can be polished to a bright shine should the metal be accepted as gold. This, the Buddha gives us his permission to critically examine even his own teachings. Buddha suggests we make a thorough inquiry into the truth of his words and verify them for ourselves, and only then “accept them, but not out of reverence.”

Taking direction from statements such as these, ancient Indian monastic universities, such as Nalanda, developed a tradition whereby students would critically subject their own teachers’ scholastic work to analysis. Such critical analysis was seen in no way to go against the great admiration and reverence the students had for their teachers. The famous Indian master Vasubandhu, for example, had a disciple known as Vimuktisena, who was said to excel Vasubandhu in his understanding of the Perfection of Wisdom sutras. He questioned Vasubandhu’s Mind-only interpretation and instead developed his own understanding of the sutras in accord with the Middle Way School.

An example of this in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is Alak Damchoe Tsang, who was one of the disciples of the great nineteenth century Nyingma master Ju Mipham. Although Alak Damchoe Tsang had tremendous admiration and reverence for his teacher, he voiced his objections to some of Mipham’s writings. Once a student of Alak Damchoe Tsang is said to have asked if it is appropriate to critically object to the writings of his own teacher. Alak Damchoe Tsang’s immediate response was, “If one’s great teacher says things that are not correct, one must take even one’s lama to task!”

Retain your reverence and admiration for the person,
but subject the writing (teaching) to thorough critical analysis.

- Tibetan Saying

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Essence Of The Heart Sutra: The Dalai Lama’s Heart Of Wisdom Teachings
By HHDL, Translated & Edited By Geshe Thupten Jinpa


Super Short Story

(119) Dare
(120) Distance
(121) Schedule
(122) Love
(123) Late

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