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Poison Haiku

Dec. 21 | As what truly harmful are the Three Poisons,* do not poison.** As what truly harmful are the Three Poisons, do not be poisoned.*** * of greed, hatred and delusion ** to harm others *** to harm oneself 

Honour Haiku

Dec. 14 | The truly honourable are so,even when facing the truly dishonourable.

Sanity Haiku

Dec. 7 | Use your moments with limited sanity to increase your sanity. (For how else can you do so?)

Craziness Haiku

Nov. 30 | The truly crazy one is the one who does not want to be uncrazy.

Will Haiku

Nov. 16 | Your willingness to  say and do what you will will make you culpable.

Clarity Haiku

Nov. 9 | If you assume there is no need to clarify at all, you might already be confused.

Impact Haikus

Nov. 2 | Not braced for impact, the less impactful feels more so. Having braced for impact, the more impactful feels less so. Just as you brace yourself for physical impact, brace for the emotional too.

Disappointment Haiku

Oct. 19 | If you see the unenlightened as ‘perfect’, prepare to be disappointed, as an unenlightened and imperfect one too.

Help Haiku

Oct. 5 | Those sincere to help will correct the wrong; not just condemn them. The first to complain to is the one doing wrong, not to anyone else.

Hell Haiku

Sep. 28 | Do those who wish hell on others deserve hell too? If hell is for rehabilitation, why not repent now, to avoid hell later?

Painting Haiku

Sep. 21 | The palette is also painted with the painting.

Experience Haiku

Sep. 7 | Only those who know they are less experienced can become more experienced.

Doppelganger Haiku

Aug. 31 | If you meet your ‘double’, while there can be only one, will you be the better one?

Delusion Haiku

Aug. 17 | Believing you can get away, you are already trapped, by your delusions.

Material Haiku

Aug. 3 | Everything you experience is ‘material’ for reshaping your mind.
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