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Wellness Haiku

Nov. 27 | Prepare well. Do well. Reflect well.

Focus Haiku

Nov. 19 | With life able to end any day, you are always already too old to waste your time on nonsense.

Mindfulness Haiku

Nov. 8 | Mind your mind always, as it is there always, yet changing always.

Work Haiku

Nov. 1 | Your real work is to use your worldly work to support your spiritual work of learning, practising and sharing the Dharma.

Giving Haiku

Oct. 25 | Give till there is nothing left to give by your time to die – to perfect your generosity best you can. Love till there is no one left unloved by your time to die – to perfect your loving-kindness best you can.

Late Haiku?

Oct. 17 | Never just take; give more meaningfully, and never hate; love all meaningfully… before it is too late.

Learning Haiku

Oct. 11 | Even more stupid than mere stupidity is refusal to learn.

Refuge Haiku

Oct. 4 | Take refuge in the Buddhas and eventually also become one of the Buddhas. Take refuge in the Dharma and eventually also become one with the Dharma. Take refuge in the Sangha and eventually also become part of the Sangha.

Countdown Haiku

Sep. 27 | Is your life countdown to redeath and rebirth or towards liberation?

Beyond Yet Within

Sep. 20 | A[n ideal] monastic is a human who is separated from all and who is in harmony with all.  – Evagrius Ponticus 

Greed Haiku

Sep. 13 | If not much  needs to be spent, why make too much? If not much needs to be saved, give those with too little.

Practice Haiku

Sep. 5 | Spiritual cultivation is the exorcism of personal demons.

Faith Haiku

Aug. 29 | Lack of faith in Dharma practice is simply due to your lack of Dharma-learning. Lack of faith in Dharma learnt is simply due to your lack of Dharma practice.

Regret Haikus

Aug. 22 | Regret not unresolvable regrets – just dissolve them.    Regret not resolvable regrets – just resolve them. 

Gratitude Haiku

Aug. 15 | See all with gratitude, like how the Buddha gazed gratefully at the Bodhi tree.
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