Beware Of Anti-Dharma Slander

[Do See All 42 Posts] Recently, there is clearly unfounded online slander via a SINGLE source (directly or indirectly) using some fake names, with unknown background, upon one of our editors. This page archives all corrective responses. Note too, that his complete biodata, which has always been openly public, can be seen at the courses section of this site, below the much positive feedback listed there. All who are wise can see for themselves, as to why the slander is truly baseless. May all see the light of truth, protect the Dharma, and protect those who do so. Namo Amituofo 


This is a message of strong support for Teacher S. He is a meticulous and dedicated teacher. I first came to know him when I rekindled my interest to devote to the Pure Land teachings in 2014. Since then, he has not only imparted his knowledge as an educator, but also engaged in ongoing dialogue with me about issues surrounding the Pure Land teachings. He is never afraid to field questions, and in fact, welcomes them.

He has always endeavoured to convey the Buddha’s teachings in its entirety, without distortion. His lively classes, thoughtful writings and skilful means make him resourceful, as he guides students on the Three Provisions of Faith, Aspiration & Practice, to inspire them towards rebirth in Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land. He is a very serious-minded and diligent teacher, with wide-ranging interests in teachings of the Buddha, especially in the Pure Land tradition. As a teacher, he brings great depth to discussions in and outside the classroom.

I am no stranger to Buddhism. As someone who started learning about the Buddha’s teachings as a child, I find his classes and ideas to accurately portray what I know about Buddhism. In short, he is a knowledgeable, thorough and reliable teacher and writer.

As mentioned in the Great Parinirvana Sutra, we should always rely on the Dharma and not the person or teacher (依法不依人). As disciples of the Buddha, all the more,should we faithfully observe this principle. Amituofo, ST-WP


[i] The whole Pure Land Passport book has been free for all to read online since 2015 at purelanders.com/passport [ii] With kind permission, the book has already been distributed freely at various Buddhist centres and classes since 2015: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/distribution-of-the-pure-land-passport [iii] Other than Great Master Yinguang’s teachings on ‘The Three Great Essentials When Approaching Death’ (with a new and accurate translation), the book has 86 pages of original and carefully researched materials on what to do before, during and after dying, (which is about 67% of the book).


There is no better way to see the truth than to see it for yourself. Come to Teacher S’s classes as a proper participant and find out for yourself. He always explains to participants the rationale of each teaching and practice shared. Never once did he ever behave like a cult leader. Such slander is extremely wrong and unfair. Now do I understand what it is meant when it is said that we are in the Dharma-Ending (Degeneration) Age, when the true Dharma is seen as wrong instead. Amituofo, THB


Namo Amituofo. I’d like to speak up for my Dharma teacher who has been slandered by a person time and time again, repeating untruths and insults targeted at Teacher S. I have been attending Dharma courses and fellowship sessions conducted by him since 2009. Up till now, I have only good things to say:

[i] He clarifies doubts by answering questions asked by his students in a clear and easy to understand manner.

[ii] He painstakingly prepares his lessons well in order to spread the Dharma effectively and to reach out to as many students as possible.

[iii] From my personal experience, he gives his best and at the drop of a hat when approached for help and advice at a hospital, and does not expect anything in return.

[iv] He spends almost all of his waking hours in Dharma work – making sure his teaching materials are solidly sound, preparing well for talks and seminars that he is invited to speak at, as well as translating, writing, editing and publishing so many useful Dharma books and materials for all to benefit from.

I have not heard him say anything misaligned from the Buddha’s teachings in the authentic scriptures. I’m neither a family member nor a relative. Yet, I feel such a tremendous push inside me to defend him against the slanderous harm done to him, as well as to the Dharma work that he has done.

Such an excellent and knowledgeable, yet humble Dharma teacher is hard to find. We, the students who have benefited from attending his lessons and fellowship sessions, are ever grateful to him for lighting the Dharma path for us, and for teaching and reminding us to Nianfo.

To the slanderer, please stop your nonsense and embark on the right path where only the truth prevails. I will dedicate merits from Nianfo to you, wishing you an early departure from your dark deeds. May you see the light soon! Namo Amituofo, CJ


‘The Pure Land Passport’, as stated in the book itself, is a handbook and course book, not an actual passport for entry into Pure Land, but with its contents on how to do so. Its teachings include the Three Great Essentials, as taught by the 13th Pure Land Patriarch Great Master Yinguang, on how to skilfully guide the dying and deceased in their last moments to exit from the cycle of birth and death.

Therefore, to slander the book is to slander the 13th Patriarch, and in turn our fundamental teacher, Sakyamuni Buddha, who first taught us the Pure Land teachings some 2,500 years ago. Beyond translation of the Three Great Essentials, the book also lists 3 important and systematic how-to procedures. It is also the course book distributed free for the Destination Pureland course.

If not because of the translator/ editor/ writer/ teacher’s devotion to relentlessly propagate the Pure Land teachings in English, most like myself would not have the good fortune to connect to them. Through thorough research work, in-depth cross-referencing and immense efforts directed into structuring each and every course, while creating related course books, this unmistakably represents determination to make the Right Dharma flourish, to maximise benefiting of more. Therefore, what said not aligned to the truths above is simply unfounded slander, which will only harm oneself and others. 

May the blind see sight (i.e. the truth),
evil-doers be subdued (i.e. be tamed),
and the deluded be awakened from the illusory.

May the wise be unshaken and be endowed 
with the armour of Fearlessness and Wisdom, 
to deter the armies of immoralists, 
and safeguard the teachings of the Buddha.

With Regards: YSW


After many years as his student, I have benefited a lot from his teachings. I had a quick temper but have since learnt to be more patient and accommodating. Back then, life to me was suffering and through his sharing, I experienced the Buddha’s path to happiness. In class, he always reiterates and reminds us about:

[i] Mindfulness of Buddha (念佛)
[ii] Always ask questions to clear doubts
[iii] Always emphasising, as taught by the Buddha, that we should ‘rely on the Dharma, and not the person’ (依法不依人)

I believe his students are in position to see things more clearly. 他们的眼睛是雪亮的。I would like to share the above from the Kalama Sutra, which may be very appropriate for this instance. -SH


Teacher S not only teaches proper Pure Land teachings in English, but also makes efforts to strengthen our faith in Amituofo by various courses and activities. I am thankful to him for pointing out the wrong views I had previously… Ultimately, we are seeking the truth and we ought to share the truth. – Joe


Question: Why is it called so?
Answer: As stated in the book’s first section at purelanders.com/passport, ‘As a skilful means to spur interest, this handy book is titled “The Pure Land Passport” – not because it is really required for entry into Pure Land’. Hopefully, interest in the book will lead to interest in more sincere learning and practice of the Pure Land teachings.

Question: Where can I get it free?
Answer: As above, it can be read free fully online. Since 2015, it has also been been distributed free at Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Poh Ming Tse Temple, The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre, Ean Keng Si Temple and Than Hsiang Temple during relevant classes and occasions: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/distribution-of-the-pure-land-passport You can also look out for future distribution announcements here.

Question: Why is it also sold?
Answer: Researching, translating, editing, writing, designing, printing, storing, posting (for local and overseas readers who cannot pick it up in person) and transporting of books require much time, effort and cost. Yet, the book as above, is also available free in hard copy during relevant classes and occasions when funding is adequate. This is while the free soft copy is already online since 2015. Hard copy is for those who prefer it. In fact, all are encouraged to go green to read it online, which is why it was put online in the first place, also to reach out to more widely. More about the book can be seen at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/100-reasons-to-get-the-pure-land-passport


The Pure Land Passport is a great tool for my Mum while she is still alive and well, to express her wish to be accorded Buddhist rituals on her last journey, especially since my youngest sister is a non-Buddhist. This will truly reduce the chances of conflict during difficult moments.

Most importantly, it also contains instructions on how to guide the dying and departed to give rise to the Three Provisions to reach Amituofo’s Pure Land. The merits created to help the deceased to reach Pure Land are indeed incalculable.

I have never been more confident, especially should situations arise, and if someone close needs my guidance during their final moments. I know I can always rely on the the Pure Land Passport. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool. Amituofo. With Great Gratitude, KMeng


Regarding this comment – ‘The contents of PureLand Passport are nothing new but a translation from Master Yin Kwang.’ [Note: The contents do not contain ‘translation from Master Yinguang’; but translation of his words with his original above.] Well, since the book carries the true teachings of Master Yinguang, all the more should we read it. Thanks for propagating it! The featuring of Master Yinguang’s teachings, along with other important related teachings in such a book is indeed a very innovative and skilful means of promoting the Pure Land teachings to the masses. I do not see any problem with it at all, as it is a meritorious act. – CK


I appreciate and thank Teacher S’s earnest efforts in translating sutras and Great Masters’ works. Translating of Great Master Yinguang’s teachings is just part of his many Dharma projects. It is not easy task. But they are really useful for us who learn the important Pure Land teachings in English. Many of us have become Pure Land practitioners after his unwavering commitment in teaching and guiding. Personally, he has changed my goal of life to pursuing of spiritual growth. I am also thankful that he has spent much of his time in coaching my brother, who has benefited from his invaluable support and guidance.

It’s sad to see malicious comments against him, which are false and inappropriate. Hope that the slanderer will be careful not to make such comments. Teacher S’s contributions to the Buddhist world are incalculable. His English works help in propagating the Pure Land teachings. With his talents and capabilities, he could earn very much better income and enjoy better life if he were to pursue a high salaried job, and abandon his passion in Dharma teaching. But please Teacher S, don’t do it. Many of us still need your insightful guidance. – MN


The Pure Land Passport contains translated texts of Great Master Yinguang, with extremely important and practical tips for reaching Pure Land. As Pure Land materials available are predominantly in Chinese, the book provides an important bridge to link those who are not well-versed in Chinese to Pure Land. The materials are also consistent with that covered by other Venerables who teach about the Pure Land teachings.

On a side note, if there were no English Pure Land courses by teacher S, it is highly unlikely that I will take the initiative to learn the Pure Land teachings. Those who have doubts about materials in the book should assess and enquire personally. I have faith that should one sincerely follow the instructions in it, giving rise to Faith, Aspiration and Practice accordingly, rebirth in Pure Land can be achieved. Amituofo, J

[13] 不遗余力推广正法 

为老师护持正法和推广净土法门的决心而感动。也为他在受到毫无根据的评语后丝毫不受影响的专业态度感到骄傲。谢谢老师不遗余力地分享正确的净土教理。阿弥陀佛, YG


Personally, I find the Pure Land Passport brilliant and thoughtful. It takes one who has good knowledge and passion of the Pure Land teachings, plus willingness to help and educate sentient beings to publish it. It is concise, handy and yet purposeful. It entails the Three Great Essentials When Approaching Death (for rebirth in Pure Land) by Great Master Yinguang and more. Only a genuine Dharma teacher will make such efforts to create the book. I pray for the slanderer to have blessings from Buddha, for better wisdom, and that his rebirth in Pure Land will not hampered. May all Nianfo sincerely, not nianren (念人). Amituofo, Ng


True Buddhists protect the Dharma with facts and sound reasoning, while those who launch baseless personal attacks on others are despicable. Teacher S is an academically qualified lay Buddhist teacher, who never claimed to be a monk. Sacrificing worldly work that would pay much more, so as to focus on sharing the Dharma with many through translating, writing and teaching, it is not wrong to accept reasonable payment for his courses. This does not in any way make him a lesser teacher, as many reviews of course participants can attest. Many Buddhist centres charge for their various courses by laypeople and monastics to be sustainable too. May the slanderer come to his senses soon. Amituofo, KW


Those who have not attended Teacher S’s classes should just join to see for themselves. Ehipassiko! [Or in Sanskrit, ‘Ehipaśyika’ — ‘which you can come and see’, from the phrase ‘ehi, paśya’ — ‘come, see!’] This open invitation is one of the trademark features of the Buddha’s teachings. All are welcomed to see for themselves, and to put them to the test.

No propagating by special powers, no divine messengers, no unquestionable teachings, no coercion, no fanaticism, no bigotry… This is the way the Buddha taught. Moreover, the Buddha’s teachings are a first-person path. You can use your life as a lens, a light and a laboratory to discern for their truthfulness. (As a Zen teacher once bluntly put it, no one else can go to the bathroom for you.)

A famous text expounding the above is the Kalama Sutta. The Kalamas told the Buddha that they were confused as to whose teachings to follow, as many teachers would pass through to expound their teachings while criticising others’. Paraphrasing his reply, he said, ‘Don’t follow something just because you hear it all the time… nor because you read it in a book… Don’t base your spiritual life upon surmise, or axiom, or bias… nor because a person in holy robes says it is so…’

Instead, call upon the direct knowledge grounded in your own experience. Truth is in life. So take into account words of the wise, although not passively, but, rather, through constant questioning and personal testing to identify truths that can actually reduce your suffering. If you thus find something effective, of value, take it to heart. The first step is to come and see for yourself, and avoid jumping to baseless conclusions before so, which slanders the Dharma. Amituofo, Mel


Teacher S’s motivation for teaching is pure, with the altruistic aspiration to be of service and benefit to sentient beings. For his Buddhist courses that I have attended, he conducted every lesson with great dedication to ensure that the true meanings of the sutras are translated correctly. He does not focus only on simple points, while leaving out difficult ones. In fact, he gives his best to offer correct and systematic presentations for benefiting his students. To his students’ queries, he always clears their doubts with knowledge from the sutras too. Amituofo, LL


Teacher S is very knowledgeable, sincere, patient, compassionate. Through his guidance, I now have faith I can be reborn in Pure Land. 阿弥陀佛, JH


A teacher who can walk the talk is not easy to come by. I am grateful to have met the right teacher from the beginning of my spiritual learning. To ensure that his students are on the right path, he always reminds us to 依法不依人 (rely on the Dharma and not the person), and to clear our doubts immediately. Thus, are we able to develop strong faith in Amituofo, to benefit from the Pure Land teachings. Amituofo, CT


Teacher S is a sincere and respectable Teacher. I’m clearer about Buddhism because of his clear explanations. My faith is stronger and I can attest to one fact – he reminds us all the time to 依法不依人 (rely on the Dharma and not on the person). 阿弥陀佛, YWT


The slanderer in all his postings do not provide any supporting facts. While the thousands who have attended Teacher S’s classes can attest that what he teaches accord with the sutras. Most importantly, he encourages active questioning during and even after class, to clarify with him whenever in doubt.

I only hope that the slanderer stops his slandering, as it might prevent others from having the opportunity to learn from a teacher who is committed to teach the right Dharma, for building up our Three Provisions to reach Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land. In fact, there is no way I can express my gratitude for the Pure Land teachings. Amituofo, OKM


Teacher S’s lessons are anchored upon the sutras. Even when he shared with us interpretations of key ideas in the sutras, it is always based on writings by the various Pure Land Patriarchs. In short, 依法不依人 (rely on the Dharma and not rely on the person). – TLeng


I have yet to find another devoted teacher like Teacher S. He not only answered all my Dharma questions according to the Buddha’s teachings, but sometimes do so at wee hours of the morning. Who works till 4 to 5 am? I know he does, as I noticed the emails he helps to answer sometimes come in at that time. Answers are always in detail, articulate and in simple English for easy understanding.

Just because he is a teacher, he never said to just believe in him, or to learn from him only. He recommends various Dharma teachers for us to learn with as well. We are even students together at another Buddhist centre. To my pleasant surprise, what I learnt there is similar to what Teacher S teaches.

As the Venerable teacher there specifically emphasized that what he teaches is in accordance to the Buddha’s teachings, and as explained by the Patriarchs, this gave me greater confidence in Teacher S. He is a teacher who not only continues learning from others, but also ensures that we are on the right path. Amituofo, YZ


Protecting the right Dharma is not an easy or glamorous job. It is honourable. Sometimes honourable ones get blamed and slandered by the unwise. May the Buddha’s great compassion and wisdom light shine upon them to awaken their innate compassion and wisdom. Amituofo, Elim


Teacher S was my second lay Buddhist teacher. I’ve attended most of his courses, and he has always shared teachings based on the sutras and the Pure Land Patriarchs’ teachings. As most original teachings are Chinese texts, he has even taken the effort and time to translate them into English, to help fellow Buddhists understand them better. 

He was also one of the first who dared to point out what is not aligned to the Buddha’s teachings, so that we will not take the wrong path. As someone who started out with almost zero knowledge on Buddhism, I am grateful that my first Pure Land class was through him. – Vyv


One of the things that I am grateful for is that I get to learn from Bro S. His vast and accurate knowledge on Buddhism, especially on the Pure Land Tradition, has made learning Buddhism simple and easy. No amount of words can express how useful and practical his teachings are. Only through his courses and lessons do you get to experience the essence of it all. To me, his deliverance of the Dharma represents the epitome of the Buddha’s teachings. Join his courses and come see it for yourself! – Este


[1] The leader is always ‘right’.
[2] There is no one else right.
[3] There is no questioning allowed. 
[4] The whole world is ‘against’ us.
[5] There is brainwashing.
[6] There is financial exploitation
[7] There is use of fear to intimidate.

NONE of the above describes my Teacher (S). Do please read all his writings and come to his classes, before slandering an honest and devoted teacher, who spent more than two decades of his life to spread the Dharma in this difficult Dharma-Ending Age to benefit sentient beings. – Tracy


… Without verifying further, this person makes grossly wrong speculations and starts to call names, to accuse a respectable Dharma teacher (S) to be a cult teacher. 

The first sign of a cult is that its followers revere primarily their leader or teacher, and not so much any Buddha. I can verify that this is not happening in teacher’s classes. We all only pay homage to Buddhas. His teachings are based on the sutras used by the 13 Pure Land Patriarchs, and every key quote is linked to the sutras and treatises. He does not teach based on his personal opinion, that is not in any sutra. He also always encourages us to clear our doubts, to keep asking questions, so as to not be followers of anyone with blind faith.

A devoted English Pure Land teacher is very difficult to come by, and I can say that teacher is one of them. He never seeks to prove any superiority by adding more to the Dharma taught by the Buddha. Do not just listen to what I said. Come to attend his classes to find out more. Every orthodox Buddhist practitioner should know that there are many cult teachers out there, who borrow, say ‘50%’ from the Buddha’s teachings, adding ‘50%’ of their own wrong ‘teachings’. Even up to a ratio of 90%/10%, what taught is still not acceptable, if not 100% with the true Dharma from the Buddha.

As Buddhist practitioners, we should walk the Middle Path. We cannot just close our eyes if we know someone is saying something that is clearly not true, not according to the Buddha’s teaching. If possible, we must explain so. If not, falsehood might soon be mistaken as truth. Nor should we want to be on the other extreme end, of going around to purposely look for faults, that might not even be there. One very important thing to note is that we are responsible for the words we have said. So, do be very careful. Keep a cool mind and do homework before commenting. By doing so, we will have world peace. Namo Amituofo, KK 


I’m writing to address untruths online thrown at Dharma Protection Fellowship (DPF) and a respectable Dharma teacher whom many of us Buddhists are very grateful to for his valuable teachings over many years.

DPF’s page is a very useful one-stop site for easy reference and sharing of messages to warn family and friends of various teachings that misrepresent Buddhism. It is NOT a dangerous website, as claimed. Nothing was faked and no one was slandered, while only bare truths were stated. People should be wise enough to differentiate between ‘slandering’ and ‘telling the truth’.

The comments about our teacher are totally untrue. The teacher conducts classes NOT to make money but to teach the Dharma to as many as possible. The fees are low and students are heard saying that it is worth every cent to attend the classes. 

The rest of the post is utter nonsense. If one would take the time to visit the sites mentioned, one would find out that they are full of positive and truthful teachings of the Buddha. It is truly a terrible thing to read so many non-truths thrown at the truthful. The truth is out there. Support only the truth and nothing but the truth! Amituofo, a no-nonsense Buddhist 


In the past, before attending Bro’s S’s classes, I would have reacted to slanderous action with anger and wish ill upon the culprit. However, through receiving Dharma teachings from Bro, he has inculcated compassion and equanimity in me. 

Thus, I pray for you to always go back to the 3 Provisions, and remember to guard against the 3 Poisons. I pray that you will spend time to find your Buddha-nature, and tune it to be one with Amituofo. 

May you also always remember that life is fragile and short. May you always choose to 念佛 (be mindful of Buddha) sincerely, than to be mindful of everything else that is worldly. Lastly, may you forever remember that we will die one day, and that how we depart will be based on our actions today. 

Bro’s Pure Land teachings have given me clarity of heart and mind. I pray that you will seek refuge in the right Dharma always. Namo Amituofo Always, ES 


It is disappointing that one who is supposed to be a believer in the Dharma slanders the well respected Dharma teacher S, by making speculations without evidence. The accusation of him being a cult teacher is utter nonsense. He has never claimed he is a monk. Instea
d, he always explains that he cuts his hair short for tidiness.

Unlike cult teachers, teacher is always ready to answer questions, and always encourages his students to ask. He is very professional and passionate in teaching about Pure Land. I had been searching for a true Dharma teacher teaching in English for a very long time. With the Buddha’s blessings, I found teacher, whose teachings are based upon the Pure Land sutras taught by the Pure Land Patriarchs. His teachings are always supported by quoting verses from relevant sutras.

Teacher is very knowledgeable and very sincere. I had attended his free courses a couple of times too. He dresses simply and money is never his focus of teaching but sharing of the true Dharma, especially on Pure Land. In this Dharma-Ending age, it is rare to find a truthful Pure Land teacher like him.

The slanderer should not be impulsive in making unfounded accusations. He should make efforts to attend class to assess himself, to question teachings, to not follow any blindly. 依法不依人 (Rely on the Dharma and not the person). Namo Amituofo, a believer in the true Pure Land teachings, SN 


It is sad that you have been wrongly slandered. But time will tell and 水落石出. I read through the articles [above] and every word your students said is the absolute truth about you. No worries, Carry on with your good work with your head high. Respectfully, Amituofo! – RK


老师,阿弥陀佛. We want to send you our words of encouragement for you to teach even more people to know about Amituofo’s Pureland. With Amituofo’s blessings, the wise will know who is fake and who is sincere. Thank you so much for you sharing. – SX


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

There is a slanderous online post with the below key text, here with comments on them.

Re: ‘be careful of a website known as “Dharma protection fellowship”, it is a dangerous website’
DPF is a community for warning Buddhists of dangerous teachings and teachers. 

Re: ‘that condemns’ 
 There is no condemnation of anyone, while all beings have Buddha-nature.

Re: ‘website cut fake videos to suit their agenda and slander’
 DPF did not create any video, while the one in question was checked by a past student of the one featured, to be accurate. What is truthful is not slander, while to claim the truthful is slander – is the true slander.

Re: ‘website… wants to create division’
The video should be seen to reflect on who is doing that. 

Re: ‘led by’ 
DPF is a community.

Re: ‘cheat people to join… classes’
 This is slanderous as proper classes are held in proper Buddhist centres. 

Re: ‘jealous of’ 
 DPF does not operate on jealousy, but on compassion and wisdom for upholding the true Dharma.

Re: ‘cut… hair to act like a monk or buddhist teacher’
 Many Buddhists have short hair. Are they acting like monks? How do they do so without robes? Full background should be checked to avoid slandering Buddhist teachers. 

Re: ‘website are all scolding other people and not what the Buddha taught.’
 All materials are based on the Buddha’s teachings, for upholding the Dharma, and open for all to see. DPF functions to warn of cults. Do not mistake it to be one.   


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

Re: ‘there has been a self proclaimed “Dharma teacher”‘
 There are many lay Dharma teachers worldwide. What more, the said is qualified with a Masters Degree in Buddhist Studies, and is in his 21st year of full-time Buddhist work, which commenced in a large Buddhist organisation, for 13 years as a full-time lay Dharma worker, having played key roles in the setting up of its current Dharma division’s various departments, which has many more lay Dharma workers, before departing with the Abbot’s kind understanding, to be an independent teacher. He was already an established teacher with large classes in organisation. Class participants are the one who started addressing him as their ‘teacher’ too.

Re: ‘be alert of this buddhist cult in the making and inform your fellow buddhist friends’
 This is utterly slanderous as there is simply nothing cult-like that has been pointed out, that can be pointed out. There is no cult in the making. The teacher is known for speaking against cults, recently even giving a detailed talk to many Buddhist Sunday School teachers upon invitation by a Venerable. He will also give another such talk later this year, also as invited. Please inform your fellow Buddhist friends to be careful and stay away from such slander.

Re: ‘layman which disrespects the sangha and even launches an online attack’
 There has never been any show of disrespect to any true Sangha members anywhere and at any time. The focus is always on correction of misrepresented Dharma with the true Dharma. The fourfold community of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen were entrusted with the safeguarding of the Buddha’s true Dharma. 

Re: ‘not ordained or recognised by any buddhist venerables’
 The very definition of a layperson is someone who is not ordained. He continues to be invited by Venerables in charge of proper Buddhist centres to teach. 

Re: ‘layman which makes a living by teaching Buddhism instead of properly working in the society’
 Teaching is a Right Livelihood, which is proper work, for the spiritual betterment of society, what more teaching of the Dharma as an academically qualified teacher. In fact, Buddhist universities worldwide employ highly qualified and very much higher paid laypeople to teach monastics academically. Reasonable course fees are also agreed upon with Buddhist centres together. 

Re: ‘ordains his own “students” as a layperson’
 This is downright slander. As a strict Bodhisattva preceptor who committed to the Bodhisattva Precepts at Donglin Monastery, as founded by the First Pure Land Patriarch, this has never been done and will never be done. 

Re: ‘all layman should respect, protect and support the Sangha monks and learn the dharma from them’
He is known to be an ardent protector of the Triple Gem, as can be attested in his detailed writings and teachings in class. His articles on such issues also continue to be published in Singapore’s foremost Buddhist magazine, which invited him to be an editorial board member. He continues to learn the Dharma from various true teachers too. 

Re: ‘disregards the Buddha’s teachings are leads other blind followers to bad karma and hell.’
 This is also utter nonsense, as he is known for teaching directly from the sutras and in detail, while urging all class participants to NEVER have blind faith, by allocating 20 bonus minutes of Q&A session for every lesson taught, even welcoming all to email him Dharma questions after class ends – as long as he is alive, to help answer them. As such, it is the slanderer who should worry about his bad karma and potential hell. 

Re: ‘critical towards all other schools of Buddhism’ 
This is also utter nonsense. He has students from various Buddhist schools, while he is known for speaking up for harmony among all Buddhist schools. Clarifying on aspects of the ‘Dharma’ that are wrong, only for sharing the true Dharma, he is always focused on the true Dharma. Clarifications are not personal issues at all. This is the true meaning of ‘to rely on the Dharma and not the person’ (依法不依人), as taught by the Buddha himself. 

Re: ‘tried to monopolise the whole pureland buddhist teachings in his own version of understanding and launches attack on other age old pureland teachings.’
This is not true, as he is known to highly encourage class students to attend other Pure Land classes at a prominent Buddhist centre. He also writes regularly for its magazine to express support, and even helps out in its Dharma classes as a group counsellor, as invited by the teaching Venerable. He regularly reminds all to follow the Buddha’s words and the Pure Land Patriarchs’ teachings (佛言祖语). 

Re: ‘even if one were to see a monk which is wayward, the buddha advice him just to stay away without making further comments’
Only with focus on upholding the true Dharma, there has never been any criticism of the Arya Sangha (Noble Sangha), because it is truly noble. However, worldwide in this Dharma-Ending Age, there is increase in bogus ‘monastics’, who do not heed actual senior monastics’ advice. To prevent spread of their wrong teachings, the errors must be be addressed, lest they mislead more. If Buddhists do not protect the Dharma and one another, who will? 

Re: ‘collecting money from his so called students by attending his wayward teachings.’
All proper classes in proper Buddhist centres are collective efforts for sustainable Dharma propagation. There is not a single so-called wayward teaching highlighted, by the thousands who have attended talks and classes at various Buddhist centres in the last 2 decades. 

Re: ‘sectarian and no… venerables has… recognise him to teach’
As his Buddhist academic schooling covered all major Buddhist traditions, as semi-sponsored by the large Buddhist organisation worked in, that is also non-sectarian, how can he be sectarian? He is known for promoting non-sectarianism by quoting teachings from all Buddhist traditions in writings and in class, to show how they interconnect. His detailed Dharma work biodata, that needs much scrolling to be read completely, can easily be found online, along with much positive feedback from participants of various classes taught at various Buddhist centres, as run by various Venerables. 

Re: ‘sad to see that Singapore have it’s very own buddhist cult in the making… please inform your friends and relatives to… stay away’
It is even more sad to see that there is such malicious slandering, without checking in person further. Please inform your friends and relatives who are misled, to stay away from this dangerous slander, and to not spread it, out of compassion for the slanderer, and those who might be misled.

Re: ‘may all learn and protect the real dharma from his wayward extreme teachings…may he confess his wrong doings… and stop his self righteous acts of slandering’
May all learn to protect the true Dharma, and not follow the slanderer’s wayward and extreme slander, that has absolutely no basis. May he confess his wrongdoings, and stop his self-righteous acts of slandering a Dharma teacher, which in turn slanders thousands of class participants, and the Dharma taught for the benefit of one and all.


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

Re: ‘claims to be from a mega temple’s… blessing’
Comments: There is no such claim.

Re: ‘no longer an employee’
Comments: He worked there for 13 years. Public biodata available for many years is clear that he is now an independent teacher, with no mention that he is still working there.

Re: ‘views… does not represent’
Comments: There was no mention of representation. Again, public biodata available for many years is clear that he was and continues to be invited to teach in various Buddhist organisations.

Re: ‘look forward to any… endorsing… slanderous… behaviour’
Comments: There is no such behaviour in the first place.

Re: ‘not support lies telling… not just believe in whatever claims made’
Comments: No one should just believe blindly in slanderous claims made to mar the 21 years of hard work, of a full-time and academically qualified Dharma worker.


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

Re: ‘there is no such thing as passport to pureland, the contents are nothing new but a translation from Master Yin Kwang, such as that… formulated into a passport’
Comments: Every new book that has ever been created by anyone has a new title. It does not not make sense to say that as a new book never existed before, its contents are thus wrong. The contents do not contain ‘translation from Master Yinguang’; but translation of his words with his original above. The contents of the Pure Land Passport are available for all to see at purelanders.com/passport. In its introduction, this was written – ‘As a skilful means to spur interest, this handy book is titled ‘The Pure Land Passport’ – not because it is really required for entry into Pure Land… What really required is to give rise to the Three Provisions of unshakeable Faith in Āmítuófó, unwavering Aspiration (Vow) to reach his Pure Land, and the utmost sincere Practice of mindfulness of his name.’ The book has more than translation of Master Yinguang’s teachings too.

Re: ‘in turn slanders…’
Comments: There is no slander.

Re: ‘leading people to hell with his self formulated to passport’
Comments: If as the slanderer mentioned, that the book is with materials by Great Master Yinguang, how can it be self-formulated, or lead readers to hell?

Re: ‘Slanders of the Sangha will only result you in hell’
Comments: The slanderer effectively slanders Great Master Yinguang by slandering the Dharma in the book. There are those who follow his instructions to attain clear auspicious signs of rebirth in Pure Land. Indeed, slander of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha can result in hell.

Re: ‘just leading people to hell with his self formulated pureland passport while he enjoys the profit’
Comments: The translator-author has not made a single cent for personal profit from the book. The book has also been given freely at many Buddhist centres.


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

Re: ‘… promoting heterodox Pure Land Buddhist teachings to sell his products.’
Comments: Materials such as ‘The Pure Land Passport’ can be fully read free online at purelanders.com/passport and are given freely in classes, and even at centres like Singapore Buddhist Lodge: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/distribution-of-the-pure-land-passport For convenience, it can be bought by those who do not come to class, by mail.  

Re: ‘New “Doctrinal Classification”?’
Comments: There was no new classification, as the classifications were by ancient great masters accordingly, as stated. Come learn about how Bodhisattvas and Great Masters classified the Pure Land teachings in the coming run of this Pure Land course (第五届净土教理班) at Singapore Buddhist Lodge (新加波佛教居士林): https://purelandclass.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/29356570_807131746147229_5860085157125423104_o.jpg You can sign up for the class at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoGv4tfo8szcbDaj_GScmIp9L_c5TQdoYeGdzQvo6BdizSRQ/viewform

Re: ‘The Buddha did not teach “Maha-Veganism”. This term cannot be found in the Buddhist canon!’
Comments: From https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/10/how-should-all-aspiring-for-buddhahood-eat-and-drink : ‘The term Maha-Vegan (Maha-Veganism; 大乘净素) is an umbrella phrase that is here used for convenience, to encompass the above teachings taught by the Buddha in the sūtras.’ 

Re: ‘… never stated where he received his “Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies that covered all major Buddhist traditions.’ 
Comments: The MA was earned with the semi-sponsorship of Kong Meng San, through the University of Sunderland, before Dr Peter Harvey retired. More about him can be seen at http://sunderland.academia.edu/PeterHarvey


(Do NOT circulate defamatory posts, as legal advice is now being sought. Thank you.)

Re: ‘Maha-Veganism cult’
Comments: As can be seen clearly at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/10/how-should-all-aspiring-for-buddhahood-eat-and-drink, Maha-Veganism is not a cult practice at all, but a term used to group the Buddha’s teachings in the sutras on how best to consume with compassion and wisdom.

Re: ‘Pure Land Passport is an imitation of a Hell Passport!’
Comments: It is not the same at all, in either intention or contents, as can be seen at purelanders.com/passport fully. As mentioned in the book’s first section, ‘As a skilful means to spur interest, this handy book is titled ‘The Pure Land Passport’ – not because it is really required for entry into Pure Land’. Hopefully, interest in the book will lead to interest in more sincere learning and practice of the Pure Land teachings. 

Re: ‘the Pure Land Passport book has already been distributed freely at various Buddhist centres and classes since 2015’
Comments: It has also been been distributed free at Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Poh Ming Tse Temple, The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre, Ean Keng Si Temple and Than Hsiang Temple during relevant classes and occasions: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/distribution-of-the-pure-land-passport You can also look out for future distribution announcements here.

Re: ‘100 excuses why you should buy’
Comments: One good reason why buying is NOT a must at all is that the whole book has been free online for all to read at purelanders.com/passport since 2015. Hard copy is obviously only for those who prefer it. It is better to go green: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/12/100-reasons-to-get-the-pure-land-passport

Re: ‘selling… passport’
Comments: Researching, translating, editing, writing, designing, printing, storing, posting (for local and overseas readers who cannot pick it up in person) and transporting of books require much time, effort and cost. Yet, the book as above, is also available free in hard copy during relevant classes and occasions when funding is adequate. This is while the free soft copy is already online since 2015. Hard copy is for those who prefer it. In fact, all are encouraged to go green to read it online, which is why it was put online in the first place, also to reach out to more widely.

Re: ‘The Buddha encouraged the spirit of free enquiry, “ehipassiko” – don’t just believe’
Comments: There are detailed Q&A sessions during every class, to encourage active enquiry.

Re: ‘University of Sunderland website renders no mention of such a degree’
Comments: Around October 2011, when Dr Peter Harvey retired from University of Sunderland, as mentioned to his students, its MA for Buddhist Studies materials were then used for a similar MA at University of South Wales: https://www.southwales.ac.uk/courses/ma-buddhist-studies The Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies awarded by University of Sunderland was completed and awarded in March 2009. (Number on certificate: 00001221)


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Discussion on the above, on 27 May 2018:


The morally highest standard of the ‘vegetarian’ way of life was taught by the Buddha for Bodhisattvas in the important and famous sutras as listed and translated at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/10/how-should-all-aspiring-for-buddhahood-eat-and-drink This itself is not a ‘religion’ at all.

Worldwide, there are many highly paid lay Buddhists teaching in Buddhist schools and universities, even to monastics. The slandered teacher offers only affordable classes for many, with some sponsored for as many as 100 participants per class. The Buddha also encouraged lay Buddhists to teach, as can be seen at https://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/buddhism/disciples14.htm, as explained by the Venerable author.

Always question the source of the slander. Why is the biodata of the slanderer always unclear, while the biodata of the slandered remains open for all to see? Those who have wisdom will see. Namo Amituofo.


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