Knowing Contentment

Those who do not know contentment,
although rich, they are poor.
Those who know contentment,
although poor, they are rich.

Those who do not know contentment,
are constantly led by their five desires,
pitied by those who know contentment.

– The Buddha (Sutra Of Bequeathed Teachings)
[Five desires: wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep]

不知足者  虽富而贫
知足之人  虽贫而富

不知足者  常为五欲所牵
为知足者  之所怜悯

– 佛陀 (遗教经)
[五欲: 财色名食睡]

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  • (C) (C) True contentment has no ‘I’. With ‘I’ you see worldly reality with an ‘I’ and are pulled and tugged by the ‘feelings’ and ‘attachments’ and the reactions to the emotive ‘feelings’ of clinging and grasping and attachments of the false self-ego called ‘I’. The provisional step is to be anti-‘I’ – like pretending to see an ugly old hag in a naked lady to control your emotions; but that is only a precarious tempral solution. True release is to be able to see reality as reality, a naked lady as a naked lady and good fortune as good fortune but with no personal ‘I’ i.e. with equanimity. Treat rainy days and sunny days equally without fear or favour. Nirvana is when there is no ‘I’ seeing; just simply unattached ‘seeing’, like you were a butterfly seeing or dreaming through a ‘man’!

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