More ‘Buddhist Question & Answers On 2012’


To not believe because it is not said by a person,
or to believe just because it is said by a person,
is to not rely on the Dharma, but to rely on a person.


‘The Truth About 2012’ can be seen clarified by NASA (America’s astronomical science authority) in the video at http://vimeo.com/7463829 Though NASA already openly reassures that nothing particularly terrible will happen in 2012, some ‘2012-doomsday-or-disaster’ propagators claim that their source of information was leaked from NASA, that NASA is concealing their findings due to fear of causing panic. If so, is their information officially from NASA or not? If official information of impending disaster did leak from NASA, it should be proved traceable to NASA by the propagators. If this is not proved by them, what ground is there to believe them? If it is agreed that panic should not be caused, why should the propagators do exactly that?

We should be mindful not to rely on others’ words based on blind faith, but to investigate personally. If one simply believes what another says due to the person’s ‘reputation’, one is relying on a personality and not the truth itself. This is going against the Buddha’s teachings in a very fundamental way. One should ask oneself if one will believe the same ideas if they are propagated by another person instead. Some think that propagating 2012 ideas might be a skilful means to urge everyone to buck up our spiritual practice. However, there are clearly much more skilful means to do so, such as using the Buddha’s teaching of immediacy – to live each moment well due to unpredictability of the next.

On the idea that there will be major disasters with some survivors in 2012, it is worth noting that many die in disasters every year. For each individual who suffers as a result, it is already a ‘doomsday’ or disaster day. We are thus already survivors of sorts. Although these disasters were not ‘the end of the world’ for us, the possibility of facing a deadly disaster is already present in every moment for everyone. There is no way to say for sure who will die when. Being attached to the idea that one will die or suffer only in 2012 can thus lead to dangerous spiritual complacency. As such, we should live each moment fully, with as much mindful compassion and wisdom as we can.

To read the full article, where the above excerpts are from, please see https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2011/12/buddhist-questions-answers-on-2012 This does not claim that everyone will be alright in any particular year or on any day. What this says is that based on scientific and Buddhist perspectives, 2012 is not particularly special. As life is always unpredictable, we should live each moment best we can. No one can go wrong with this advice, while clinging only to a particular year or day being a ‘doomsday’ or a disaster day is unhealthy. May fellow Buddhists and Dharma teachers be mindful of not causing the Dharma they share and themselves to lose credibility by sharing any unskilful ideas on 2012. May this be a spiritually fruitful new year for all.

Good teachers do not ignore faults of their students.
They correct them responsibly.
If otherwise, of what good are these teachers to their students?

Good students do not rationalise faults of their teachers.
They correct them respectfully.
If otherwise, of what good are these students to their teachers?



  • Even the Buddha-to-be as a follower then, did not follow anyone blindly without question. If he did, he would not become the Buddha. Being a follower does not mean to follow blindly.

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