Three Kinds Of Loving Speech

How you think conditions how you speak later.
How you speak conditions how you think later.


Loving speech means to communicate and discuss with pleasant speech. There are three types of loving speech:

(1) Comforting speech: We should communicate in a warm manner when seeing one another. When we meet people who are sick, or suffering from major disaster or live in fear, we should encourage and provide them with psychological support. Even though we might not give them great help through gentle speech and compassionate attitude, they will appreciate our efforts.

(2) Rejoicing speech: Every individual has his own strength. Even a bad person might have his good aspects. Whenever there is good point, we should rejoice, encourage and inspire him to do more, so as to encourage him to do more good. For example, there was once a European philosopher who was very ordinary initially, but with the encouragement from his wife, he strove diligently and eventually became a well-known philosopher. If we want to teach others, we should start praising them in order to give them confidence in their strength and virtues. They will not only be appreciative towards us but will soon be walking on the path of goodness.

(3) Inspiring speech: This helps others to progress one step ahead. For example, for a person who is practising giving, we should guide him to observe the precepts. We should not restrict the usage of our speech to those of pleasant and gentle words. Sometimes we may have to use firm and wrathful words to urge someone to progress. With a sincere attitude and honesty, we will be accepted by others.

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