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Two local (Singapore) Chinese evening tabloids (Shin Min and Lianhe Wanbao) reported on the eve of General Election 2011 that the President of the Singapore Buddhist Lodge (SBL), Mr. Li Mu Yuan (Lee Bock Guan) took a swipe at Mr. Low Thia Khiang, the leader of the Workers’ Party and candidate for Aljunied GRC.

Mr. Li openly criticised Mr. Low in relation to his decision and motive to contest in Aljunied GRC. He also openly praised BG George Yeo for his contribution to the religious community here. Mr. Li has the right to express his opinion in his personal capacity, but the newspapers both reported him as ‘President of the Buddhist Lodge’.

This partisan political stand by a religious leader is NOT good for the Buddhist community. What will happen if the leaders of other religious groups were to do likewise expressing their partisan political views openly? This will drag religions into politics and will be disastrous for the religious harmony of Singapore. The SBL and SBF (Singapore Buddhist Federation) should investigate and do something.

~ Low Teck Suan

TDE: We suggest writing to SBF and SBL directly.

LTS: Thanks. My intention is… that the Buddhist community should be made aware of the dangerous position taken by Mr. Li. I have written to both SBL and SBF already.

Update: Low Thia Khiang’s party ousted George Yeo’s in Aljunied on 7 May 2011 through an election.

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2 Responses to “Do Not Drag Buddhism Into Partisan Politics”

  1. Beng Saw May 10, 2011

    A buddhist should vote with his heart.

  2. Leafygreen May 13, 2011

    And with head too.
    So, with heart and head,
    as in with compassion and wisdom


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