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How To Queue Alone To Lead Many

Jan. 18 | Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain I went to wait in a small parking lot for the delivery van. It is the last phase of a ‘pick up your online purchases at a collection point’...

‘Now You See Me 2’, Or Do You?

Dec. 21 | A paradox of the lure of seeing a magic trick performed, is that it couples the wish to be fooled and amazed by the magician’s trickery, with the reverse-wish to not be fooled, to be amazed by oneself being able to figure out the trick instead!...

Star Haiku

Nov. 2 | A star is like a spot of light but a sun too. Share This:

Where Are You Going? 

Oct. 28 | Do you know who you are, why you are going where, what you are going there for,  how you will get there, and when? – Stonepeace | Books Zen teachers train their young pupils to express themselves. Two Zen temples each had a child protégé. One child,...

Speculation Haiku

Oct. 19 | Speculate not on the Dharma; only specialise! Share This:

The Living ‘Dharma’ Of ‘Deadpool’?

Feb. 26 | For the uninitiated, Deadpool is an unconventional character who breaks the fourth wall of comic books to talk to readers directly, sometimes even referring to other comic books! To ‘break the fourth wall’ means to break the imaginary transparent...

‘Begin Again’, Play It Again?

Feb. 24 | ‘But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?’ If you are a recording artist, trying to get your big break into the music scene, one song might change your life – for better or worse. If it is moving enough, resonating with many,...

Gargoyle Haiku

Feb. 17 | Scowling at the hot night… Gargoyle – Issa .暑き夜をにらみ合たり鬼瓦 atsuki yo [wo] nirami aitari onigawara (Note: Are what we perceive what they are, or mere projections of how we perceive?) Share This:

Can You See The ‘Buddha’ In That ‘Cloud’?

Feb. 3 | To see things as they are, we need to see them not in the ways we are. – Stonepeace | Books When we gaze at a bunch of clouds, there is a high chance that we will habitually make out a puff to resemble something familiar. This tendency to seek and...

Self Haiku

Jun. 15 | Why want another Attracted to your make-up Instead of true self? Share This:

World Of Words

Jun. 15 | The whole world is tormented by words And there is no one who does without words. But in so far as one is free from words Does one really understand words. – Saraha (Treasury Of Songs) Share This:

Make-Up Haiku

Jun. 12 | Why is it ‘make-up’? To make up another face, or make up for flaws? Share This:

Silence Haiku

May. 23 | Silence can mean consent, indignation, confusion, indifference, something else or nothing much. Share This:

How ‘Birdman’ Spoke The Dharma

Apr. 14 | The script of ‘Birdman’ seems significantly influenced by Buddhist teachings, as we can see in the following three scenes… [1] Riggan watches his breathing to calm down, as he sits to briefly meditate at his dressing table, on which...

Honesty Haiku

Apr. 8 | One honest mistake after yet another one… So very honest! Share This: